Floral Concept Decor

Floral is the beauty of flowers. It is something that is decorated with flowers or consists of floral patterns with a wide range of colours. Floral is soothing, colourful and peaceful.
Floral concept is sometimes quite overrated. People think that since they are aiming at a floral look it should be something in which every element should be full of flowers or floral patterns. We at H2Designo slightly differ with this take. We hereby present to you our take on floral concept. We will show how adding alittle bit of floral to an ordinary space can do true justice to both the concept of floral and the space itself. Without being extensively noticeable yet screaming out its beauty is the true essence of Floral.


As seen in the above picture. Instead of using an entire wall for floral tinches of floral pattern are seen in the upholstery and on the wall art. We love the deep blue matched with the floral. Simple yet so attractive. Again they are using pinks in maximum here. You can play with as many colours as you wish- the oranges, yellows, lavenders etc.


I personally believe floral on black is truly impeccable because on black every colour gets the perfect opportunity to display its aura. Its rare and a sight we love.


We love how that floral pattern wall is enhancing that black lamp shade and bench. Not an overdone of floral in the room but still at its best.


A simple floral touch like this can also work for you. Incase you wish not to change the major interiors of our home but still wish to add that floral to your space, all you need to do is add complimenting upholstery or lamps or wall art to your space and you’ll achieve a desired floral look.


The above look of the room inspired from the lady is so precise. The calm and beauty on her face clearly reflects in the room. Not overdone but yet not looking too simple.


Not everybody would think of a Black when talking of floral. But black adds its own glamour to all the bright colours, not forgetting that black alone also looks ravishing and bold.


Image Courtesy Google & Pinterest

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