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master bedroom

A master bedroom rightly called so because it is indeed the Room of the Master of the home. As a kid my parents room always awestruck me because it was so much larger in space and so grand rightly living up to the name given Master Bedroom. In general after the living room the most important space of a home is indeed the master bedroom. The challenge in designing the master bedroom is that it needs to be comfortable and relaxing but also functional and practical. Another challenge being that a lot of people like to include space for another activity in the room apart from our usual beds and wardrobes. People prefer to have a large library, some want a coffee table, some prefer a nice sofa seating and the rest want a walk-in-wardrobe. A lot of expectations and experimentation takes places in a Master Bedroom. Not to forget the safety side of it since all the Cash and Jewellery of the home tends to live behind the doors of the Master Bedroom.
H2Designo is today going to guide you on what all to work upon to have that perfect Master Bedroom.



grey rooms

Do not forget to add colour. Even if you are somebody who loves to stick to the earthy touch a splash of colour through wall art, upholstery, curtains and cushions would add the correct drama to your room.



While it is a nice idea to add a desk to your master bedroom, designers say it distracts from relaxation and winding down at night. Do not forget that you can have your desk and your seating arrangements but use light furniture. Let not all the other aspects take over the Master Bedroom feel.



Do not aim at buying a matching set from the outside. Instead pick up the things you love and make it completely Your Room. You do not necessarily need one particular style to follow, you can pick up elements of your choice and club them to make a complete, perfectly planned room. Going to the room should make you feel like you’ve entered your comfort zone. Add a comfortable yet outstanding headboard and your just doing it right.



bed placement

You must always begin the designing of your room with the placement of the bed since it is likely going to be the largest piece of furniture in your room. All the other furniture is placed according to the position of the bed. A master bedroom should atleast have a Queen size bed even if it is room only for one incase of guests coming over. The standard is to have a headboard against the wall and space on either side and the foot of the bed extending to the center of the room. Let a lot of natural lighting enter your room. Side-tables or nightstands on either side would be a convenient place to have your books and other requirements on. Each side should have independently controlled light source. You could also have soft ambient light in the gap between headboard and wall.



A Master bedroom should ideally have a full length mirror so that you can check your complete appearance before starting your day and to allow light to spread in the room. If you have a lot of space floor standing mirrors could also look extremely elegant.

Apart from what we require to store all our clothes – the wardrobe a lot of other requirements are there inorder to store in our bedroom. Under the bed storage is a traditional and very successful means of storage. Make sure you choose dressers in accordance to the size of room and other furniture. Take care that you keep adequate clearance space for opening doors and drawers. Enough space should be there so that you can move around even when your drawers and doors are open.


Make sure you have enough space to accommodate your audio systems and television sets. If you’re a fan of the home theatre system make sure you plan smartly. Have a light unit to store all ad-on television equipments. Provide proper sockets and plugs in the necessary areas like dressing table, side table, television unit etc to allow for charging facilities and using beauty equipments like hair-dryers etc.



Create a pleasant reading area with an overstuffed chair, a side table and an elegant lamp if you have enough space and wish to add the reading element. Create a Hollywood feel by adding a glamorous vanity table or an old-school writing desk. A chaise lounge can work amazingly well too. Avoid giving too much space to a working desk since a bedroom is for relaxation purpose and not working. These simple accesorization can make your room more complete and glamorous.


Perfect window treatments with two layers of curtains give the final touch up to the already beautiful room. Soft and pleasant rugs could also add that extra décor to the room. Additionally you can have a highlight wall, accent lighting or a master chandelier to give the complete finishing to the room.

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