Get That Low-Budget Expensive Look

We at H2Designo are here to help you get your homes a makeover without actually making it too heavy on your pockets. We all live in the monotony of life juggling from task to task, a few soothing changes in the usual home can add freshness, glamour and excitement in your lives. We give you 5 essentials to work upon to give your home a new low-budget look:



It is amazing how a small change in the way you hang your curtains can do so much to your home. Hanging your curtains higher gives the illusion of higher ceilings, thus making your space look grander and larger. Your space will definitely look more sophisticated and poise. Do not hang your curtains right above the window, instead add them high and wide and do not shy away from adding those panels on either sides too. Also one must note that you don’t always need to spend large amounts on your curtain cloth. A simple yet attractive pattern can do wonders.



Flowers in a vase are an immediate catch to every eye. It add life to any room and bring freshness to the entire atmosphere. You can either make it the focal point in your room or can add it as a complimenting feature to the space. Trust me if you’ve had a bad day the one thing that will make you smile again on your dull day is that bunch of flowers. Incase your aiming at the mere décor point of view, you can use artificial flowers too. You can also refer to our floral concept homes.



Use that wall intelligently. You can either paint it a perfect colour, add a ravishing texture. Also you can add those mirrors to make your space look large. Amazingly carved mirror frames can be a true beauty. Other wall arts and frames can add grandeur to that wall.



Adding some vintage luggage bags to your usual homes will add an immediate wow-factor and oomph to your space. Use them as center tables & side tables or maybe just somewhere in the corner to add to the décor in the space.



One Statement Light in the entire room can light it all up. Not only does it give the most perfect lighting to your space it also enhances the beauty of the space. A few tips on selecting that perfect light for your space.
• Choose a chandelier that appeals your tastes. If choosing a chandelier for your dining room make sure it is something easily replaceable because that area is something used very often so let it be hassel free.
• When selecting lights for the dining room make sure you match the size of the chandelier to the size of the table and not size of that room Or match it the the size of the center table in your living room.
• The bottom of the chandelier should be about 30-35 inches above the tables, low enough to create a focal point in the room but high enough to not create interference in eye-levels and conversations.
• Do not forget the chandelier is not the main source of lighting in your room so let it be complimented by other spot lights. Make sure the chandelier does not emit too much heat as it can be uncomfortable for you.

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