How To Give Your Space A Vintage Look

vintage decor

We have often heard “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” This is so true when we have a look at some of the most beautifully designed vintage spaces. Most of us love the look and feel of a space that has a vintage touch, it is so charming and comforting. But have we often wondered what we need to consider when we want to create the look ourselves. Do we really know what Vintage actually means?

Often the word vintage is interchangeably used with antique. Whenever we buy anything for our home like furniture, rug, lighting or artwork which is from the historical time we categorize it as antique or vintage without actually knowing the difference.

Antique is generally used for items that are greater than 100 years old, however vintage is for items that are over 30 years old but less than 100 years old.

But when we look at items from an interior designing point of view vintage can be defined as fashion that was popular in a particular era. Items that became really popular in any particular era are termed as vintage.

Vintage decor ideas

Thus when the above is clear designing the space and giving a vintage look becomes much more easier. So H2Designo helps you convert your space and give it a vintage look with some amazing ideas. So let’s turn those worn out items into household treasures.

The Grandmama Suitcase:

side table

So lets start by unpacking and emptying those suitcase that lie in your storeroom.

suitcase wall decor

Grandmama suitcase can be used to make some amazing side tables and also can be used as wall shelves.

The Old Dressing Table:

wine cabin

Instead of throwing away that old unpolished, scraped dressing table, we can use the same for making it a wine cabinet which when placed in the corner of the room would add the vintage touch.

The Wall Décor:

wall decor

vintage wall decor















The best way to add a vintage touch to your space, is playing with your wall. Add those old photoframes, wooden clocks, table lamp shades and the most important a tinch of your grandmother’s collection of paintings, long big keys etc.

The Telephone:


vintage telephone














With invention speeding up our technology, telephones have changed their look era after era. So make best use of those old phones by making them stand out as showpieces to add glamour to your vintage look.

We hope this guide helps you create your own Vintage Look. If you want us to guide you on any particular topic or look, please feel free to write to us on [email protected]

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