Give Your Bathroom the Spa Treatment

Shift a little from the mainstream and make your body and mind feel so much better by creating a calm, soothing atmosphere with a spa treatment in your very own bathroom. Add a tinch of creativity to that little space we generally ignore.

Soaking Bathtubs

soaking bathtub

It is not like you cannot enjoy a relaxing soak tub because you live in a tiny bathroom. New varieties in the markets are not the usual 5 feet long tubs but deep enough for you to soak in. incase you wish to create the Zen style bathroom a traditional Japanese soaking tub is something you can never go wrong with. Compared to the usual smaller tubs, Japanese tubs are much deeper allowing your entire body to submerge in water. So do not shy away from the Spa feel if your bathroom is small.

Candles & More


Everybody especially the women enjoy unwinding in a tub surrounded by candles. In addition lighting is the key to giving your bathroom the soothing and relaxing atmosphere. Close the blinds and let your candles create the perfect mood. Your favourite book, some wine and the candles set the perfect mood for you to unwind.

Add The Flora Fragrance

flora fragrance

The flora will add the needed scent, aura and colour to the bathroom. It will make you feel so much fresh and relaxed. Add the flora either in the bathtub or you could also go for simple potted plants with moisture. So add the greens, purples and reds to give a new look to the bathroom.

A posh hotel spa would not be complete without some chilled out and relaxed music so do not miss this for your bathroom too. Create a playlist of your own and avoid the radio DJs interrupting the mood. When it comes to bathrooms, wireless speakers work the best. There is a wide range of those hassle free devices available in the market. Create your own playlist of the soothing tracks and soak your body in the tub for as long as you wish.

Invest in the Accessories

accessories for spa

Good body lotions, a bunch of fancy towels, the perfect candles and any other accessories you fancy is a good investment for the home spa. Also use wooden textures as accents to add warmth and coziness to the bathroom. Use low wooden shelves to accommodate your candles and towels. You can also add outdoor wooden flooring to your shower floor.

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