Grandmama’s Cafe, Mumbai

Facade of Grandmama's Cafe

We happened to visit Grandmama’s Cafe on one of the lazy Sunday’s and guess what the place so lives up to the feel. The entrance is extremely eye-catching, I mean how often do we see a bicycle pinned to the signboard. It was actually one of the best things at this place. This place has both outdoor and indoor seatings as can be noticed in the picture. The interiors seem more like a mixture of Victorian Era along with modern cafe culture. The colours attract your attention and the white plays the role of toning down the look.

interiors of the space

As we entered the first thing we noticed was how comforting and warm the place was. The café is large and comfortable with subtle music playing in the backdrop. The walls are decorated with frames creating quite an inviting look. It is quite aptly done as we may say.


Talking purely of the interiors, the mismatched white chairs along with pastel upholstery and wooden tables create the vintage atmosphere. Every table has a birdcage turned into a lampshade making it quite a casual and friendly place.


The inside looks like an old English grandmother’s cottage with niches and shelves having some artifacts which are personal belongings of the owners. The windows are dressed in white lace with the white brick work complimenting it on the walls.

Grandmama's Cafe

The menu was quite interesting as it was divided into three categories of Grandmas- The Bombay Grandma, The Italian Grandma and The Parsi Grandma. The interiors, food and service along with the subtle music got us singing along and we indeed had a great time at this Cute Café. Quite the Grandma Style we say.

Image Courtesy Google, Zomato, & allaboutthatpalateblogspot


  1. This place looks fantastic. Hope to get there soon. Thanks for this post.

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