Green Interiors In Your Home


Green is a colour of balance and harmony. It balances our mental, emotional and physical energies. It also signifies growth and hope of things to come. It is said to attract prosperity and reflect tranquility. It can do wonders if added in your interiors. Apart from the positivity green interiors can look great if used in its many shades, creating various moods.


With a world moving towards modern interiors, opting for a stylish and contemporary look using neutral colors like grays, whites, black etc, accent colors are becoming more essential. To make a space look more inviting and warm a gentle wash of color in an elegant and delicate manner can create a lot of difference compared to a bland home.

green accents

Green is one accent color that can work amazingly well with the contemporary backgrounds. With the color being an integral part of nature, Green is available in such versatile hues, shades and values that it becomes easy to accept as a part of our homes.

living room

Green as an accent color in our living room is a bit rare. Using green as an accent wall in not very common but there are other ways too in which this color can be used. Accent fabrics in green are an easy and aesthetic option. The cushion covers, green drapes etc can give you the perfect look and help break the monotony.


A picture frame in green or a potted plant or if you can manage to add a sofa or chaise lounge you are doing true justice to this look. Although it can be added in many different ways from paint to decor, plants are still the best and most popular option when it comes to creating green interiors.


The soothing effect of green makes it ideal for almost any room. Turn your bathroom into a relaxing spa-like retrear by using the greens. You can transform a powder room into a jewel box by adding the rich emerald green. Kitchen can be made livelier by including green cabinets or a contrasting backsplash.


Do not hesitate to add that green in your bedrooms. It can rejuvenate and restore, thus giving a feeling of being connected to nature and enhancing a feeling of safety & security. Emerald green symbolizes luxury and elegance. It is quite a rich color. Do not shy away from using it.

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