Guide To Home Decor (Step By Step)

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We at H2Designo truly believe that your home represents who you are. Your home should not always be about the look. It should be something which you desire. It should clearly make you FEEL GOOD. It has to be the perfect balance between desires and need and the total functionality of living.
How many of us live in that Dream House of ours? It is not always because we cannot afford it but sometimes we tend to ignore our innermost feeling and do not end up working on how to feel good about our space.
We are here to help you step by step on how to create your perfect home decor, from the entrance to the balcony and a lot more. Our first post on this topic is going to tell you on what aspects you need to work upon in the first go to work towards getting that Dream Home or renovating your usual home. Putting your home design that reflects your taste but fits your needs and budget requires proper planning and is a tough act. Here is a guideline to help you plan perfectly:

There are gazillion styles in the market today to choose from. Everyday has a new and improved styling theme. You might not love a theme entirely but a part of it. Start collecting the pictures of things that appeal to you the most. File it up if required. Eventually you will be able to decide on final aspects of the looks and how to bring them all together for that one home of yours.

Before starting anything it is necessary to prepare a list of the basic requirements you need in that space or in your home like number and sizes of bedrooms, number of family areas, the kind of dining area like a formal one or a more open one, your home entrance, garage size, balconies etc. Once the basic list is in place, take the planning of individual rooms ahead.

Do not miss the zoning laws. Make sure you give the correct amount of space as per the importance of that area in your life. Some people prefer larger living areas while the others prefer larger bedrooms and vice versa. So zone it smartly.

Once you are ready with the planning and basic requirements match it with your budget. Make changes here and there as per your preferences and the budget you hold. Shortlist the things which you definitely want and the things you are willing to let go.

You might not have all the finances currently to design your Dream home completely but make sure that you plan in a manner that you can expand your home in the future too.
• Bedrooms should be isolated to reduce noise and increase privacy.
• Have doorways and hallways wide enough to move in and out large items too
• Light switches should be placed at the appropriate heights and locations.
• Have all plumbing going through one area to reduce pipe distances.

Allow natural light to flow into your home at all times and to conserve energy. If you enjoy sunsets and sunrises then design interesting seatings in the east or west side of your homes to capture those scenes.

DESIGN your home in a manner that you would be proud to let anyone walk around your space. Use landscaping or wall arts or small elements in every corner to enhance every tiny space in your home. Use carpets, wall hangings, chandeliers beautiful upholstery, wallpapers etc.

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