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Modern style interiors are focused around neutral tones such as cream, black and grey. Do not forget as far as furniture is concerned modern style furniture is full of clean and straight lines. A polished look is one of the important aspects of this style featured by strong, clean and crisp geometric shapes. You will not see bold colours used in this home design style but accent colours could include stainless steel or chrome colours to give a room that liveliness and flair.



Incase you love smooth lines and natural colours, contemporary style might be your thing. This style mostly uses rounded-line furniture and those typical colours in browns, creams and whites. However, you will and can always find a bold colour incorporated along with a contemporary style. For example, you can have a bold colour featured wall to that contemporary room.
Contemporary furniture includes those pieces of stainless steel, glass, nickel and chrome pieces. However if you wish to choose wood furniture, light-coloured woods would be the perfect mix.



One of the most important aspects of this style is the silhouettes, also called as the lines of the furnishing. Wing-backed chairs, claw-footed tables and curved furniture embark this style. Rich wood tones are another key element in traditional interior style. Dark woods like cherry, maple and mahogany are typically traditional style. The furnitures are often curves, carved and lacquered to give a luxurious and elegant feel. Walls are painted neutral colours with light prints on them, wallpaper styled. Fabrics often come in solid colours but may also feauture patterns as florals, paisleys etc. Although elegant, traditional interior design emphasizes simplicity and comfort in its layout. Pairing of furniture and accessories are a thing about this style. This is often done to create a sense of symmetry around a focal point or your favourite artwork.



Classic design is derived from Roman and Greek design. This style is based on order, balance and perfect harmony. Classical designs do not include any modern elements or current influences, it is rather steeped in tradition. The best way to distinguish classically designed rooms from other styles is that this style contains large Focal Points. A large fireplace, grand table, impressive staircase are a few examples. Once the focal point is decided upon in the room all other items within the room are placed inorder to enhance the look of the choosen focal point. The idea behind classical interiors is to create perfect symmetry. The colours used in classically designed homes are often inspired by Mother Nature. Deep blues, browns, yellow, green, and earth tones such as terracotta are frequently used. Linen cotton and other durable fabrics are commonly used. Wood, marble, slate and stone are ideal classical style floorings. Marble and stone can be used in a geometric pattern to create an interesting look. Large stripped motifs are the best pattern option for this style. While this style is not meant for everyone it creates a glamorous and breathtaking feel if executed properly.



Industrial Style came into the market when warehouses, old factories and bare properties started being converted into restaurants, offices, new apartments etc. many a times the person purchasing did not have the required funds or was not willing to change the entire premises, hence the industrial style became the need of the hour. Rather than demolishing the essence of the warehouse or factories, designers began to embrace the raw look and create designs around it. Thus, the term Industrial clearly is motivated by the fact that the more exposed and raw it looks the better it is. It means that the space must me honest to its components and everything or rare parts of construction should be boldly displayed.
The following are the key elements of Industrial Style for your home or space :
• Exposed Brickwork
• Exposed steel structures of beams and columns
• Exposed pipes and ducts
• Usage of rough timber or wood
• Great storage spaces
• Hassel free and interesting furniture
• Spaced out and clutter free areas
• Fabulous lighting to add to the entire look.
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