Hemali Bavishi-Japanese Style Restaurant


H2Desiogno has been lucky enough to tap the upcoming and young interior designers. It brings us immense pleasure to be to able to display their creative projects. Since we have an entire section covering Student Minds we thought it was best to bring in the work of our team too. One of our co-partners Hemali Bavishi hereby displays her college project with us.

Hi, I am Hemali Bavishi, a Rachna Sansad, Mumbai passout. I clearly remember how excited I was for the hospitality project. It was the last project of our design course and I surely wanted to give it my best shot. Our team was given Asian Cuisine for our restaurant and I decided to choose Japanese Cuisine. Japanese was my choice because I felt the other Asian cuisines would not let me explore and experiment to the extent I wanted to for the last college work of my life.


Along with the Japanese Cuisine I decided to design my restaurant in A Tinch Of Japanese Style.


Why tinch? Because I did not want to have a typical restaurant. I decided to keep the space extremely Classy by using trending materials like one of my favourites Calico Wallpapers, bold patterned flooring, zali works etc.


The main idea of the concept was to explore my side of designing in the bold sense but keeping in mind to add a Japanese tinch to every element in the restaurant.
Some Evident Japanese Features I Used in My Project.
• Teppanyaki Counter
• Live Sushi Counter
• Low level Style Japanese Seating
• The famous Japanese Cherry Blossoms
• And ultimately the Japanese Cuisine


My favourite area was the outdoor seating. Not only did I use a unique kind of seating around the Cherry Blossom tree but also added a sort of private dine area through a Paghola I created for a large group to sit.
The façade view was simple but yet loudly spoke about the Japanese Style itself. I chose to keep the façade in a manner that the outsider would get a glimpse of the inside but the insider privacy was always maintained.

one more

The entire restaurant has ANGOLA BLACK MARBLE WITH GOLDEN INLAY. Bamboos were used in a lot of places as partition.
It might not be the most correct or perfect project but indeed one I was extremely proud it. Months of hardwork and dedication had finally led to a dream project of mine.

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