Hollywood Regency Interior Decor

hollywood regency

Hollywood Regency Style is defined by Neo-classical lines, distinct patterns, glossy surfaces and an opulent glamour, worthy of the Silver Screen. It is the perfect way to bridge the modern and traditional styles with elegance and flair. This glitz and glamour style is not just for the rich and famous but is a modern version surging in popularity.


Originated in the 1930s in the Southern California and was pioneered by designers like William Haines, Dorothy Draper and Elsie de Wolfe who also decorated the homes of film stars of the golden age of 1930s. The sets in those times often featured tall white plaster walls with floor lamps, mirrored dressing tables and fainting couches upholstered in visually rich satin or velvet. These interiors were generally brightly coloured and spoke grandeur.
Not everyone can afford an original Haines piece but going Hollywood Regency is all about the details more than just the glamour part.

Following are some of the features than can help you go totally Hollywood Regency.

Lacquer It Up


Hollywood Regency has much focus upon making any home a showpiece for the guests. The classic designers spared no glitz, glamour and shine in making it that ways. A lot of bright, glossy colours on furniture truly speaks out this style so lacquer almost everything. You can either have all your furniture lacquered or buy some glossy spray paint and do it yourself.

Much Needed Luxe


In the era when Hollywood Regency evolved, people considered homes as destinations and wanted to impress each other with their homes. Showy fabrics into a decorating scheme can give the needed glamour to any space. Velvet drapes, thick carpets, silk lampshades and grand chandeliers rightly define the style.

Invest in Classics


Invest in few of the classic pieces in case you have that kind of investment to put forth. Incase you wish not to go complete Hollywood, mix vintage pieces with the modern furniture and make sure it all looks in harmony. If you love modern incorporate only a bit of the Hollywood Regency style by adding any lacquered furniture you love. Do not forget side tables and lamps are also a good idea to start the style. Create the needed balance by introducing bold colours and layers in pieces maybe as a part of artwork and accessories.

Watch Your Scale


It is difficult to get the scale right when talking of this style. The furniture must ideally fade into the space and background. The emphasis is not on concentrating the kind of furnishing and accessories used but to realize the kind of feel they create. Make sure you do not overdo things and everything looks like a complete design.

Glitz, Glamour and Harmony


While Hollywood Regency style is a throwback to almost another era, it is still extremely modern and relevant to today’s times. The whole style is about enjoying people and time together. Its about glamour and getting those olden days back. It is more important to love the space and people around you and feel at peace rather than watch the noisy television. Hollywood Regency is a sheer reminder of that.

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