Home Office Ideas

home office ideas

If you feel that you need an entire spare room or a huge master bedroom inorder to setup workspace in your home, let me tell you that you are mistaken. You can have brilliant work-friendly spaces from spare corners, a few inches of a wall or other areas which you never imagined can be turned into amazing home office areas. H2Designo today gives you a 5 point guide on how to organize your home office no matter what room it is.


perfect zone

First you need to make sure that you pick up that spot which you feel is the most apt for establishing your home office. Then zone that area into efficient activity areas.
Work Center : It should include a clear workspace, the laptop or computer and the frequently used office products.
Reference Center: It includes space for your reference and professional books, dictionary, manuals, binders etc.
Supply Center which includes the office and paper supplies.


adequate furniture

Make sure that the furniture you choose provides you ample of space for work and storage. Home offices need a clear work area and that means providing adequate space for computer hardware and equipment. You need a spot for reference materials, file space and location for reference of frequently used work and storage. So select the furniture that occupies least space and provides maximum work space.



Position all your equipments by the frequency of use. If your CPU is accessed for troubleshooting place it under or next to your desk so it is not a hindrance every now and then. Similarly if you use the printer daily make sure it is placed within easy reach. Materials that are rarely used, can be placed outside work area. When you are setting up your hardware, be conscious about access to drives, trays and cords. Do not end up blocking access to drawers.


processing area

Papers that need immediate action should be close to your working area. Papers relating to current clients or ongoing project should be in an area with easy accessibility and within your reach. Create a separate filing area for papers which are not needed on a regular basis.



Make sure you conceal your wires and cables perfectly. Do not jus cramp them up in a corner because you will have to eventually access them when technical issues arise but make sure you hide them well. Wires and cables hanging around just make the space look clumsy and one where you do not feel tidy enough to work upon. Also since most things are now available in wireless forms see if that option works for you. Just make sure the place feels relaxing enough to work.

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