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Do you wish to create a Cinematic Experience in your Home? Well who does not have a Home Theatre System on their wishlist. A media room has come a long way from being just a place to watch TV. Today homeowners use these rooms to surf the Internet and create an entire Cinema Experience. Flat-screen televisions, surround sound systems ipads etc.

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A home theatre is a room that requires special features which include:
• Special theater like seating for a group of people
• Built in components such as display and speakers
• Remote controlled dimmable lighting & air conditioning
• Sound and light isolation
• Hidden wiring and connections


Whether your home theatre room is a new construction, renovation or remodeling job start by making a list of devices you wish to have, choose the location for the room in your home. Make sure you have your budgeting right too.
While selecting the location for the room or while designing your home theatre room make sure it has enough space for seating, a few windows, closets and doors. Your home theatre should be capable of getting content from any source or virtual devices. Also once you have the complete list and placement of devices you require, connecting them is another tedious and important task because all wires of most devices should be hidden, where they are easily accessible to change in the future.

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Ideal Home Theatre Characteristics
• Located where sound can be isolated from other rooms and neighbours.
• Large enough for desired seatings and appropriate equipments and distances to the screen.
• High ceiling for mounting projectors and to avoid the heat and sound from disturbing the people seated.
• Doors for comfortable ingoing and outgoing crowd
• Apt flooring to avoid echoing of sound


One extremely important point to bear in your mind while designing a home theatre room is to make sure that the vibration and sound do not reach other rooms or neighbours. Make sure you incorporate effective sound isolating materials. If you have a projector, make sure the ceiling is high enough to keep safe distance from the heads of the people in the seats. Projectors produce heat and also have a fan which makes a lot of noise and could be distracting. Lastly choose a room which is deep and not too wide and have the seatings in an area not wider than the screen itself.



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