How To Design A Perfect Living Room

The living room is one of the most important room of your house. A place where we relax, host parties, entertain our guests. Some homes have formal seating while others prefer casual ones. Regardless of how you use your living room, there are things you should keep in mind before designing this space.

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What all purposes will your living room serve ?
People have different preferences for each space in their houses. Some uses of the living room will include parties, guest dinners, television watching, entertaining, ready books etc. You firstly need to decide for what all occasions your living room will be used.


The second important thing that you need to consider before designing your living room is the space. You should first measure the size of your living area and plan your seating layout accordingly (a rough sketch would be enough). Placements of the sofa should be in a way that people can talk properly. Also keeping enough moving space is very important. If your room is spacious you can accommodate good size furniture. It is advisable not to use only sofas, chairs will help you break the space from looking too bulky. The key is to create a balance between your sofas and loose chairs making the room look light. It’s is also very important to have side tables in your living room(most of the time its neglected by people) depending on the amount of seating you place. But incase of a small room you will have to customize your furniture sizes making them a little sleek. Decide on a perfect seating that suits your family.


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Choose the correct look and feel for your living room preferred by your family. A little surfing research and understanding your own taste would help you determine you look. Again it will depend a bit on the kind of occasions you have.



It differs from a person to person whether to have a formal or an informal seating depending on their occasions. Incase of a formal seating you will need more of traditional furniture with few high end accessories and a formal center table. Usually preferred by all, an informal seating would need cozy lounge sofas with soft warm fabrics and eclectic decorative accessories. Whether your living room is for formal occasions or daily living, you would want to provide enough surface for people to keep their drinks and other item so don’t forget providing enough side tables.



Depending on your size of the room, you should select the design for your tv unit. Small spaces will demand a sleek unit so that the room does not look compact. Where as a spacious living area an have a huge one with storage and accessorized shelves.


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Rugs are a great way to define your seating area, people usually make a mistake of using smaller rugs. It makes the room look incomplete. You should use big rugs so that your furniture comfortably sits on it. Depending on the size of the space and rug, you should atleast try to fit two legs of the sofa’s and chair’s on the rug.



Keep your windows clean and sharp. A thin black or white frame will make the windows look huge, also makes the space look grand. Using the right curtain is again very important for achieving the look you want. Your efforts may look like flash in the pan if the curtain are not proper. Try and use neutral shade sheers for the day light to flow in and choose a colour in shades of the furniture to make it look luxurious. If you want a dramatic look you can use a contrast colour.

Direct lighting from table lamps, floor lamps, ceiling spot light provides good lighting and allows you to change the feel of your space. Indirect mood lighting would work best for parties, family dinners etc. for setting the right kind of environment.


Lastly accessorize the space. All your spaces are incomplete without accessories. Using the right art work and paintings, placing long vases on the t.v unit, accessorizing niches if any with books, few amazing candle stands on your center table, and some ancient art pieces would work perfectly.

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