How To Design Your Kitchen


Kitchen is one space where you do not want to make any sort of compromise with regards to comfort, luxury, look and safety. Kitchen makeovers are an expensive affair so make sure you do it once but do it right. H2Designo presents to you a 10 step guide on how to go perfect with your kitchen.

We should be absolutely sure of your designs and planning before you start. You must exactly know what you need where. Take all the time you need to plan. Once made you are likely not to renovate this space for a long enough time. Do not go wrong with the technical. Make sure all your requirements are into place before you start.

Practicality is the key to kitchen designing. Kitchen ergonomics are extremely important and so is the Golden Triangle describing the positioning of your kitchen sink, fridge and cooktop. The thumb rule states that there must not be more than three meters between the three points of your triangle because it causes inconvenience for the one cooking. It becomes a series of travels if the distance between the sink, fridge and cooktop is kept more. Do not overlook the details here. As rightly said by Charles Eames “THE DETAILS ARE NOT THE DETAILS. THEY MAKE THE DESIGN.”



Storage is the most important aspect of a kitchen. Cannot even imagine a kitchen without the perfect storage. Make use of every tinch of space available in your kitchen. This will not only reduce clutter because everything will have their allotted spaces but also create a safe environment. Do not forget to add overhead cabinets. The ones that you access regularly should be only 600mm apart from the platform and the ones used not so regularly can be close to the roof. Create easy access points. More drawers than cupboards and deep drawers for cooking pots.



First and foremost, do not forget the task lighting for your cooktops and benchtops and ambient lighting for the room. Proper lighting in the kitchen is a necessity. Make sure all your electric points are in place. Pendant lights also work pretty well to compliment every look.



Lighter kitchen floorings create a space which is light, airy and not very messy. Spills and hazards are all taken care of and not to forget it never goes out of fashion. Non-slip surfaces are the most important aspect of your kitchen because you surely do not want any accidents. Safety at its best must always be maintained.


Proper ventilation is essential not only to get rid of all the bad cooking odours but also as a safety measure. Smoke in the kitchen or in the house can be harmful for your family. Make sure you have a good quality rangehood with a powerful extractor. Go for an expensive but long lasting and effective chimney.



It is important to have enough platform or benchtop space to slice, dice and chop all your veggies. Creating the culinary magic does take up the space and time. Designing a proper preparation area will always be very helpful. You could also have the additional knife blocks and glass racks to protect your preparation area from the other kitchen clutter.



What used to be just an alternative to tiles behind your sink has today become a vital design element. Splashbacks add all the colour and texture to the kitchen. Whether glass, LED, acrylics, they give that needed life, light and space to the kitchen. It is also extremely functional because it is so easy to clean and durable. So add that design element to your kitchens without much adieu.

For creating an ideal kitchen space, it is crucial to select the right handles. Your shelves, no matter how well they are made, are of no use if you have to struggle to open them. Do not just go for the aesthetics of the handle make sure that they are functional too. Select a stainless steel or durable material since kitchen handles quickly show signs of ageing. You can also consider the modern and chic option of a HANDLESS kitchen.



Grab that instant attention to your kitchen through your Tap. Select tapware that is cohesive with the rest of the theme of your kitchen. Do not overlook functionality. Select the tapware that is water efficient and that saves you the unwanted hassles and replacement costs.

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