How To Design Your Own Home

We all have the picture of how our “Dream Home” would like. However when we go and search such a home it is difficult. So many time we hire professionals for designing our home but we do not end up being satisfied as the output does not match what we actually had thought or what we expected. So today we guide you through the process of how you can design your own home just as per your expectation:

1) Annalize the space – Measure the perfect square feet, height, beams and columns of your apartment so that you have knowledge about what can be omitted and edited in terms of technicalities. At first it may seem that if you know what you require you may not need to look into these details but the key to a perfect layout is having all of the above in place.

analysing space
2) Set a budget, splurge wisely – You may have plans of a lavish living space for your home but splurge wisely and not insanely because you will only end up regretting it in the long term. Invest in something you are glad to see.

Budget Growth
3) List down your requirements – the number of bedrooms & bathrooms you wish to accommodate, the kind of space you wish to dedicate to your living room & kitchen, and if there is room for accommodating some of your dream luxury items in your home, maybe a home theatre, games area for your kids etc.

list of requirements
4) Sketch a rough floor plan – You may not be an expert but roughly sketching your layout and placing the furniture pieces you wish to maintain will keep you in a much updated position to go about designing your home. Measurements and ergonomics can follow if you are confident enough.

rough sketch
5) Decide on how much necessary storage you require in each area – Be voluntary and willing but also make up your mind to compromise in some places. You cannot give away your precious room square feet for something like storage. Of course storage is of utmost importance but accommodate for it wisely.

6) Tech Savvy- Also think about all the equipments/electronics you want in your house for different purposes. Make sure you do not end up using up all your money on designing your home, do keep in mind that you will require certain equipments and certain handy electronics. They are a must.

7) Vastu Alert – In-case you follow vastu, get expert advice on that so you don’t go wrong. You do not wish to compromise on something you so adamantly believe. Self-study may not be the best idea in this case.

8) Do your homework – You may think that you have the best memory but the internet has so much to offer and trust me you will be in love with practically everything at display. Make a separate idea book for your home and keep as many reference images as you can.

9) Glance Around – Visit your friends and neighbours who’ve recently done their apartments for you to get a better vision. You may love a picture on Google but if may not be the best idea for your own home. Learn from the experiences of other people and keep your eyes wide open when it comes to details.

10) Snapshots – Click picture of everything you like that you want to use in your apartment. With the Smart Phones around us does it seem to be too much to ask for?

click pictures
11) Be ready with your concepts – Have at least 2 concepts ready for the look and feel of your apartment/space. The reason we say two is because somethings just look best on paper but when it comes to actual implementation you might want to reconsider. Or you may not exactly find the things you have liked in the market. Always have a backup.

12) The Expert Advice – And now, hire an interior designer who will help you create your dream space with your ideas and their expert advice. Yes upto actually deciding what you want for your home to be like is easy to manage but when it comes to practicality, it is best when handed over to a Professional. Make sure you do seek the correct expert advice.

interior designer


We have given 11 easy and basic steps that will help you create your own concept and know exactly what you want. Thus the final 12th step of hiring an interior designer will be the execution of your plan to see your dream home the way you imagined.

Image Courtesy: Google & Wikihow


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