How To Use Onyx In Your Homes

onyx backlit wall

Onyx is a form of a Quartz Stone and is available in varied number of colours from white, yellow, green red, purples, browns, beiges etc. The translucency of this product can convey a very strong depth, making any surface look more interactive and interesting. The use of onyx in your homes is pretty extensive.


Onyx can be easily dyed so take care while you purchase slabs or tiles of unnatural colours. Most of this stone comes from Mexico, Algeria and Arizona. When used as a 3-5mm veneer it can be used in many ways to form a glowing natural surface, which will beautify the entire space.

onyx wash basin

This stone can be used for walls, countertops, floors, light fixtures, water features and sculptures too. It can be used in tiles, mosaics and slabs too. The installations range from contemporary to traditional, to back lit and non-lit. Onyx has been extremely effective in highlighting lobbies, bar areas and bathrooms and works wonders as sinks and desks.

bar area

It is extremely important to make sure you know what fasteners you are using incase you aim at a backlit application. Make sure you look after all the safety and also make sure you make the best use of this extensive material.

onyx in the bathroom

Great care is involved in maintain this natural beauty of a stone. This calcareous stone is prone to etching from the acids we use in our daily lives. Your lifestyle is very important, so think before you decide to make use of this material extensively in your homes. Yes it can form a beauty of a countertop and some an extraordinary wall with the mosaics in place, but are you up for the maintenance!?


The look you can achieve by using onyx is your home is indeed one of a kind. This material transmits light, hence make sure you know where your making use of it to get the best out of it. A monochromatic scheme can just be made so much more interesting by adding this material to it. And yes you can rarely go wrong with that.

How To Use Onyx In Your Homes

Onyx is something which can never go out of trend. It is believed to collect positive energy and protect the home and the people giving away all the negativity. They are not just sources of positive energy, they are also very stylish and unique. So take the Onyx Plunge and feel good about it.

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