Ideas For Blue And White Interiors

blue and white modboard

Blue and white combination looks almost like a combination from heaven for the human eye. The all-time blue white interiors combination works almost with any design theme or style. This timeless colour duo is a combination of elegant, simple yet extremely gorgeous. It is a perfect transition from serene to sensational at a glance.

living room

Opting for blue white interiors in the living room can be quite easy and effortless. If you already have an all-white backdrop adding the blues could be rather easy. It could be either a wall dedicated to blue or dashes of the colour threw accent pillows, vases or other accessories.

living room

With the blue and white combination, it is totally upto you if you wish to have a beach style décor with the light shades of blue or wish to dedicate the complete room to the dark blues. We think both are rather soothing quite depending on your taste of shades and décor.

Experts suggest that blue is the most relaxing colour in the bedroom and works best when it comes to inducing sleep. But it is also important to know that the bedroom is a personal sanctuary so serenity is of utmost important. Do not select shades of blues that make you feel gloomy and get onto your peace of mind after a point in time. Select the shades wisely.

bold curtains

Also maybe you do not want to do up the entire walls in blue because that only tends to create monotony. You could instead break the monotony of a boring room by adding in some blue to the space. Keep the blues in a manner that you wish to have them for a longer time.


Blue and Royalness have had an intimacy for decades now. A grand hallway is only understated if it does not have a blue in it in one or more forms. Blue is the colour of happiness and elegance quite oozing a dash of royalty all the way.


Blue has the capability of giving depth to any space. What could work better than a kitchen that shows depth.

kitchen decor

The other advantage of the colour being that it does not show dust instantly onto it. We are pretty sure that you do not wish to spend weekends endlessly making your kitchens look tidy, so giving them a dark texture can just make life easier for you.

modern printed fabrics

Blue upholstery immediately reminds me of Greek beauty. It could either be a modern depicted Greece with no patterns or something rather fancy with the Aztec and other prints on them. These merge with almost anything, be it a wooden texture, a white colour or something black. The best place to use these is in your dining area.

dinning area

It is important that your dining space looks fresh and inviting because it is a family space and also sometimes a cater to our guests. Blue can make it look fresh always.

accesorised blue console

A lot of people are not so comfortable using the blues that evidently. It a personal choice, so we would suggest that you play around with the blue and white combination in a bearable manner. You can have a couple of blue elements here and there in your house. Go for the rather unusual, it could get as sleek and modern as you can imagine, Chic and shabby if you feel or rustic and ethnic if you wish. Go all White, Go All Blue but do give this combination a check on your to-do.

blue and white decor

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