Ideas For A Perfect Home Entrance


Home Entrance plays a pivotal role in creating that first impression for a visitor. A simple, elegant yet perfectly designed entrance can do such wonders. Obviously you cannot have a loud graphic or something too flashy on a home entrance. It has to be so Right to look at its best. Have that amazing dark wood and have the perfect name plate to create a rather lasting impression on your guests.


Do not let your entrance be something different from the rest of your home. It should moreover look like a part of the complete design of your space. Even as per the Vastu Shastra standards great importance should be given to the designing and direction of your home entrance.


“The home entrance door is the beginning of your journey through a house. It’s the first part of the house that anyone going through the house looks at closely. Ideally it should emphasize the character of the house,” says Craig Stoddard.


Nowadays people like to stick to the usual and more poise and contemporary entry doors because they are exposed to harsh weather conditions and heavy wear and tear. Hundreds of sizes and types are available for doors, from the conventional wood models to the high-tech alternatives of fiberglass or steel or blockboard or combinations of two or more materials. The more common use of flush doors is taking place, replacing the old paneled doors.


Below are some of the points one should always consider before designing the Main Entrance.

  • The main door should be the tallest and most beautiful door and the other doors should not be superior in size or beauty to the main door.
  • The entrance should preferably be North or East direction
  • Make sure there are no obstructions infront of a Main door.
  • Doors should not be placed in the centre of the wall, they should be off centered.
  • The number of doors and windows should be even in a house like 2, 4, 6…
  • If your home faces East, the entrance should be towards the East so that the main door falls in the Northern half of the side, this yields good results and is very auspicious.


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