Ideas For Designing Pet Homes

Today at H2Designo, we show you a few ideas of pet homes. A pet is nothing but a part of our very family. We love them as much as we love any other family member. Their comfort and safety is of utmost importance to us. We do in a span of time understand what our pets like and dislike, hence making it easy to design a home for them that they will completely be fond of.

ideas to design pet spaces

Those small boxes create a sense of security and safety for the pet. It is often left open to give them the freedom of moving around. They consider this little thing as a space that completely belong to them. At ease makes them feel more homely.


Incase you are somebody to be lucky enough to have ample of space in your apartment , you can accommodate an entire section to your pet. This will also give your pet some room for activities especially when there are times that they cannot move out of their space.

ideas to design pet spaces

Some place to cuddle around is never a bad idea. This will not just give a unique space to your pet but will also save alot of your space too. Cute, customizable and easily peaceable and movable.

pet space ideas

The above picture is such a smart idea for the perfect pet space.This can also be a great rescue guests come unannounced with their pets. Give them a share of space with your pets.

outdoor pet house

Your outdoor pet space can be made as per whatever your requirements are. Make sure they are comfortable and feel protected at all times.


Incase you are fond of the smaller pets like rabbits and wished that they would not wander around until you felt it was right, the heightened pet homes are your best rescue. Safe guard them with jali doors so that they have good breathing and are yet safe.


If you do not wish to have a separate space or area for your pet or if your home is already to small to make room for your little friend, make space for them within the already existing furniture. This will not only make sure that your pet gets their little room but will save you from hassles of having their own little space within the house.

pet on wheels

How cute is this “Pet On Wheels”!? This pet home can be placed indoors or outdoors depending on the mood of your pet. The wheels make the mobility so much easier. So go ahead and paint your pet’s favourite colour on their wheel house.

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