Importance Of A Color Wheel For Your Home Decor

Most of us have learned about and drawn a color wheel in our school times, but have we really thought about its significance and importance ever? Probably not! It might be just one of the most difficult decisions to really select a mesmerizing color scheme for your house. Do not worry, we have the solution. To really solve the mystery behind the use of colors and color combination, you just might have to rewind those childhood classes.

The color wheel is basically divided into three parts; primary, secondary and tertiary colors; one half of the wheel are considered to be the cool colors whereas the other half, the warm colors.

color wheel

The cool colors can help you out in creating a relaxing and peaceful ambience whereas the use of warm color might make the space look energetic. Here are some of the basic schemes that might just help you out:

Monochromatic Color Scheme:

monocromatic colour scheme

Using the different hues of a single color might be the most effective and easiest way of creating a beautiful gradient scheme. Use of cool colors for monochromatic schemes can be really effective for creating a peaceful space.

Monocromatic colour schemes

Analogous Color Scheme:

Analogous colour scheme

Just select a pair or trio of colors sitting next to each other and you will come up with an analogous color scheme. It is one of the best ideas to create a decent yet beautiful space. It brings you the feel of nature.

Analogous colour schemes

Complementary Color Scheme:

complementary colour scheme

All you need to do is to select a pair of colors sitting opposite to each other. It gives you the power to combine a cool and a warm color. You can set up the majority of the place in one color shade and highlight some selected areas with the other.

complementary dinning

Triadic Color Scheme:

triadic colour wheel

Select three colors sitting at an equal distance from each other such that their connection creates an equilateral triangle. It brings to you a broad variety. It can really make the space look interesting and energetic.

triadic living room

Neutral Color Scheme:

neutral color scheme

Neutral colors can help you out balancing things. Seems a bit too bright? Add a hint of black, white or grey. You can add up anything with the neutrals and try to come up with an exciting color combination.

neutral color living

There is no end creating new and interesting color schemes, but these basics might just help you stay away from any big blunders.

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