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The style and look of the Indian Interiors is a reflection of a huge exotic and diverse nation. The Indian culture is thousands of years old and extremely rich in culture and heritage. It is thus possible to introduce decorative elements into your space to keep it minimalistic, however Indian interiors are ornate and rather grand. We at H2Designo will guide you on how to achieve the Indian style décor.



The best way to get ideas for your colour palette in the Indian style is to look at the warm spices from India. These rich colours rightly reflect the vibrancy of the country and hence best suit the concept. They could create the perfect impact if used with white.

living room

The spices include cardamom, curry powder, turmeric, chilli powder, garam masala etc. stick to the burnt and deep shades rather than the bright, bold colors. Gold can also work wonders within the scheme especially with turquoise colours. Gold will bring the correct zing and glamour to the space.



You can include patterned and textured finishes in your space apart from beautiful plain silks and stain fabrics. Tiles and mosaics can be beautifully used and you could also hang a fabric on your wall, making it a part of your artwork. Go for the paisley patterned wallpapers. They could make the entire space look so Indian.

paisley bedroom



Dark brown and solid wooden furniture pieces will help you get this concept on the right tracks. Indian is nothing so minimalistic when it comes to furniture. Carvings form an integral part of this concept.

decorative furniture

Furniture pieces with the typical Indian carvings are a beauty in its own kind. Also do not miss out on the gorgeous jali work and jharokha designs which would nothing but enhance the space so much more.



Tiles, marble and granites are traditionally found in Indian homes. You can also make use of polishes concrete floor to give a modern, contemporary Indian interior design. Try using a dark wooden flooring too to neutralize the rest of the look in the room. Beautiful handmade carpets are a Indian trademark. Be shameless to use a beautiful large carpet anywhere you feel it enhances its own beauty. The carpets could also be the only coloured element in your room so use it wisely.


indian decor

A wide variety of accessories are available that take aspects of India directly into your homes. Statues of Hindu Gods and Goddess made of gold, brass, bronze, wood etc look beautiful when placed around an Indian styled room. Elephants, lamps, showpieces and Buddhas placed perfectly can add so much personality to your room. Be careful not to over style the space. Perfect balance in the design will make your space so Maharaja style. You can also have stunning statues lined up in your hallway to create the perfect first impression. The lighting should be sultry and ambient to help create the exotic atmosphere.


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