Industrial Style Decor

Industrial Style came into the market when warehouses, old factories and bare properties started being converted into restaurants, offices, new apartments etc. many a times the person purchasing did not have the required funds or was not willing to change the entire premises, hence the industrial style became the need of the hour. Rather than demolishing the essence of the warehouse or factories, designers began to embrace the raw look and create designs around it. Thus, the term Industrial clearly is motivated by the fact that the more exposed and raw it looks the better it is. It means that the space must me honest to its components and everything or rare parts of construction should be boldly displayed. Here we are looking at how to create an Industrial look to our today homes without losing out on our contemporary feel yet creating an elite rawness.


Industrial style is a combination of raw and rough surfaces with flat and clean surfaces.Unfinished walls, exposed brickwork, metal ducting, bare windows etc form the main characteristics of this look. Industrial style looks at its best when it is blended with Minimalism hence one must avoid the use of excessive furniture pieces.


The following are the key elements of Industrial Style for your home or space :
• Exposed Brickwork
• Exposed steel structures of beams and columns
• Exposed pipes and ducts
• Usage of rough timber or wood
• Great storage spaces
• Hassel free and interesting furniture
• Spaced out and clutter free areas
• Fabulous lighting to add to the entire look.

living room

WALLS : the best way to depict industrial style is exposed brickworks. One can either keep them untouched or make them look even more worn out. Incase of painted walls , use a lot of artwork, large pieces of canvas etc.

FLOOR: polished concretes are a great floor finish which add minimalism to the design. Timber or stone flooring is also a good finish to the floor.


DÉCOR: To add some life, colour and freshness to your look use a lot of plants around the area. Also make sure to use comfortable sofas and bedding and coloured cushions to contradict the rather raw interiors.

LIGHTING: Some amazing looking pendant lights and free standing floor lamps are the best source of lighting for this look.


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