The Inspiring Story of An Artist – PARUL SHAH

H2Designo brings to you an inspiring story and work of Parul Shah, who has fought all odds in her life to become one of the finest artist due to her passion and dedication.

ballerina painitng

Coming from a conservative gujarati family, Parul was an average student not quite interested in studies. But her love for art can be traced back to her student days. She always aspired to do something in the field of Arts, but back in those days art was not so famous and families usually focused on their children having a Degree in one form or another. Also in those days Art did not have as much exposure as it has today, it was understated indeed. So she landed up doing her Bachelors in Commerce and then got married. After one and a half years of marriage she delivered a son and the routine of looking after her son and family set in.

Boredom set in and she kept thinking to herself as to what she could do apart from the household chores to keep her happy vibe going.

ball room dance painting

Unclear and confused as to what she wanted from her life she continued thinking. One day since she was fond of reading she went to the library and came across a book by John Fernandes and saw his painting on the cover page, and it immediately grabbed her attention and interest. On her way back home she came across a beautiful Rajasthani painting the details of which she can imagine even today. That was it, she knew what she had been looking to do for all these years. And Painting became a part of her life.

Now the challenge was to learn professional painting. Her household responsibilities did not permit her to join full time classes and thus she decided to learn at home all by herself. She got all the required equipments and started practicing at home and in 3 years she had mastered this art so beautifully.

painiting of a dancer

According to Parul “Art comes from within. What to draw, what to paint and even the colour scheme comes from within. More important than an academic work is what you feel when you paint.”
Through her continuous struggle, dedication and consistent practice she won her first award after 7 years which was by Bombay Art Society called the “Portrait Award.”

As a child she came from a conservative family where she was always told what to do and what not to do, so she decided to express “A Woman” through her paintings. Her portfolio has various themes expressing women in different forms, few of them are:

Mann Mehulo – Expresses a women who’s heart and mind leaps and jumps with glee even though she is always bound by societal duties and responsibilities.

mann mehulo painting

Colours of Life- This theme expresses various forms and moods of women. The real beauty of a woman lies in her honest thought and unconditional love.

colour of life painting

Abhisarika – Distills the essence of female beauty. Her character is mysterious, attractive and soft. She is so engrossed in her dreams, wishes, worries and expectations with her beloved.

abhisarika painting

She has even done various shows at Army Navy Building, Nehru Centre and Jahangir art galary. She loves experimenting with different colours and looks. Charcoal painting tops her list being one of her favorites. Today her work finds place in many Indian as well as International homes. She is a motivation to every woman who seeks to achieve something in her life.

Ballet dancing painting

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