Interior Design by Kiran Vadhaiya

Today H2Designo will speak to you about Interior Designer Kiran Vadhaiya. We are extremely happy to be writing about him since one of our co-partners started their design career under him. We thus got a chance to take an interview of his on a one-on-one basis.


Tell us something about Yourself ?
I have been in this creative industry for the last 15 years. One reason I particularly enjoy this work and the challenges that go along with it, is the opportunity to connect with people from different walks of life and relationships that are built over time with them.

How would you put your journey from being a student to a Professional today?
After graduating from L.S. Raheja School of Architecture to setting up my own firm the journey has been quite satisfying. I still look forward to more such memoirs which I can treasure in the future.

Describe that moment of “wanting to start your own setup”?
It was the best decision of my life, and more so the challenges which came along with it has been a brilliant experience


What is it that draws you apart from the crowd?
Our commitment towards our work, the friendly approach and service which my entire team offers the clients has definitely given us an avant-garde over others.

What are the types of services you provide?
Apart from designing residential and commercial Interiors and consulting, we also do architectural work for bungalows as well as landscape designing. We have also done projects for Green buildings using environment friendly materials

What is your procedure for establishing a Design Budget?
After preliminary discussion with clients we first present a conceptual design to the clients and according to the concept and materials finalized we work on the budgets. We have worked on various projects where we have experimented using different creative materials which otherwise cannot be contemplated


How much time do you like to spend on your work weekly (designing & site visits)?
We segregate equal amount of time to both our design and sites as both are important aspects. Looking at your design evolve slowly is a different experience in itself.

What type of projects have you tapped in the last years?
Apart from the high end residential and commercial interiors, we recently worked on a very exceptional project. The site is built on a 20 acre farm land where we have built ultra modern homes made of Transport containers, houses made of bamboos by specialized workers from Assam and tree houses made of local wood available, made by the local inhabitants of that region.

Tell us about your favourite project so far?
An out house done in Panchgini (Maharashtra) This project was done using handmade resources and the décor was flawlessly unified with the peripheral surroundings of the locale


Tell us about a time when a client was upset with the design?
There have been few incidences where the client views are contradictory to the design. Any new creative design takes time for people to accept and adapt to. Most of the time we have converted the clients view and made them identify with the design concept.

What kind of details do you take care of ,while designing?
Finishing of the materials used plays a major role in the overall look of the final project. We take maximum care in checking the final work before hand over of a site

As a designer what are your obsessions(materials , forms , design etc) ?
In the last fifteen years in this fields I have almost worked on all forms of design such Classical, Contemporary, Modern, Minimalistic. However the most enjoyable part to change yourself and evolve yourself with the times. So tomorrow if there is some futuristic design concept we are ready to explore and change

Your idol (if any) ?
Frank Lloyd Wright and Made Wijaya. I find immense creativity in their design and the different use of basic materials in their designs.


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