Interiors That Help You Rejuvenate This Monsoon

What better way to sip a cup of chai while viewing some of the best scenery of India. We bring to you some of the best glasshouse interiors you cannot miss this monsoon.


Primrose Villa

Primrose Villas takes “room with a view” to another level. With three sides of floor-to-ceiling glass, these 1,000 sq. ft villas exude a feeling of space. The rooms, done up with Victorian furniture, have a cosy ambience; there’s even a working fireplace. Outside, it’s green as far as the eye can see. There are the lush valleys and mountains of the Western Ghats with the Mullayanagiri peak rising on the horizon.


Shakti 360 Leti

Shakti 360º Leti is a mountain experience like no other. There are just four stone cabins, all of which sport a glass-and-wood frontage that gives splendid views of the snow-clad peaks of the Lower Himalayas.


The Machan

The resort is spread over 25 acres in the dense forest of Jambulne in the Western Ghats. Nestled within the trees, the Jungle Machans are arboreal villas that stand 30-45ft above the ground. The glass walls and the outdoor bath with a free-standing bathtub offer the feel of “jungle living”. Have your evening tea on your private teakwood deck as you listen to birdsong and try to spot the native Malabar flying squirrel.


Beyond Sula

The cuboid, all-glass, three-bedroom villa stands by the Gangapur lake and looks quite futuristic in all its minimalist glory. It is perfect for a family holiday or a couples’ getaway, or even a bachelor or hen party. The villa comes with a common sitting room, a kitchenette and a private pool.


Forest Hills Tala

Spread over a hillside in Tala (three and a half hours from Mumbai) is Forest Hills, a sprawling eco-resort with eight wildly different accommodation categories, from mud huts to tree houses to container villas. The 2,000 sq. ft Glasshouse has two double beds, one on each level. The top level also has a bunk bed that can be accessed by a ladder, perfect if you are taking the children along. Both levels have separate bathrooms—the one on the top is a spectacular open-to-air bath with a free-standing bathtub next to a tree branch that juts through the bathroom.


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