Interview With Interior Designer Maisra Sayed


1. Tell us something about Yourself ?
Hi I’m maisara sayed,am an interior designer for good 6 years now .I worked for arch hafeez contractor for two years and then ventured with my own free lancing firm.

2. How would you put your journey from being a student to a Professional today?
Everyday is a new experience. I have grown each single day from drafting to computers to design to execution


3. Describe that moment of “wanting to start your own setup”?
It was not one day decision to start on my own,I slogged months together to get my very first site

4. What is it that draws you apart from the crowd?
Everyone has their own ability thinking different and new for each and every site. I do not repeat designs is one of the major reasons.


5. What are the types of services you provide?
Residential and commercial

6. What is your procedure for establishing a Design Budget?
A design budget all depends on a client’s requirement. The more better material one wants the higher the budget goes.


7. How much time do you like to spend on your work weekly (d esigning & site visits)?
It all depends on your dedication.for me it is not fixed, but on an average 11 to 8 six days a week.

8. What kind of projects interest you the most?
Designing studios ,celebrity homes and hotel projects interest me the most


9. What type of projects have you tapped in the last years?
Have done residential flats, celebrity homes,hotel project,studios and offices

10. Tell us about your favourite project so far?
hotel designing is one of my favorite projects

11.Tell us about a time when a client was upset with the design? Choices you made. How did you handle it?
It is all about convincing. Before I go on the floor I make sure I take a sign off on the paper so there is no backing out from the design. Working hard and getting new design options will never let your clients down, they appreciate.


12.What kind of details do you take care of ,while designing?
Space planning is the most important

13.What has been your biggest challenge so far?
Convincing clients with the design is the biggest challenge as it is the first step to a new project.As a designer what are your obsessions(materials , forms , design etc) ? I am obsessed with colours. I feel every home should have some good colours to make it look lively for one to enjoy staying in it.

14.Your idol (if any) ?
My boss architect hafeez contractor. His dedication towards his work is what impressed me the most.Not everyone can be hafeez sir he is just one in a billion.

To get in touch with Designer Maisra Sayed email her at: [email protected]

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