Jamjar Diner-Andheri


Jam Jar Diner located in the Versova area of Andheri is indeed a hidden gem. We happened to visit this place in the days while we were studying our interior designing course. We were quite excited to thus rate the interiors of this place at our level. Not being too familiar with this area we took a rickshaw and passed by much of the rare greens in this area to reach our destination. As we arrived what we loved the most were the Sky blue walls with the full length French windows quite drawing our attention to this space. You cannot miss this place because of this rather Highlighting Entrance.


On entering we could say this space was rather small and cozy. It has a separate bar, upstair seating and an outdoor space as well. The atmosphere inside is bright, bustling and chirpy. The focal point of this space is a huge Jukebox, standing in a corner blaring out some crazy kind of music. Also the distorted shelves with books and gramophone and a lot of other things on display is a pleasure to look at. Everything on the menu was so American and we kept wondering what to order. Vegetarian being our choice for the day. We were definitely not let down by anything- the Decor, Food and Service. The drinks were served in a large Jar living up to the name. That jar fascinated us and made us always want to have moreeee.


We researched abit about the space and discovered it was a small cottage converted into an All-Day Diner. The main idea was to match the interiors in a way that in the day it could be a buzzing café and at night could seamlessly transform into a nightspot. The motive was to create a space that was instantly Likeable.


A large part of the design was to create an Inside-Out feel. They thus created large picture windows and skylit roof. This would give a more free-spirited and open feel.

The design centered around creating an eccentric wall shelving idea which would be a mad stack. This part of the space in indeed interesting to watch!!


The bar was designed in the manner that in the day it served to be a Diner where a group of friends could comfortably share a meal and by night it would convert into a buzzing bar.

The Jukebox and Grandmother staircase quite are a flare to your sight.


The Outdoor seating area creates a surreal backdrop for the dining. A fun Topography has been created for the terrace by using China Mosaic patterns which look like fun twisted landscape. By night this outdoor space turns into a romantic and more quieter space, away from the buzzing bar below. The idea was to allow this area to be one where a person can enjoy a leisurely and relaxed meal.

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We loved our personal experience at Jamjar Diner and we love the innovative interiors too. Do make a visit we suggest.

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