Karan Ruprell-Restaurant Project


Karan Ruprell, 23, today working successfully has shared his Student Work with H2Designo. This man holding quite a vibrant personality knows exactly where he wants to be in the coming years. A Business Management Studies Graduate , Karan, is someone who has never quite feared hardwork.


In his narration about his story he says:
“It was the start of the second year I clearly remember where we were told about what projects we would be doing this year which was a fashion boutique , corporate office and hospitality ! Hearing the word hospitality I was like sigh ! I need to prove my self this year and the year started with to much work and the year passed and we arrived in January 2015 where we were alloted our group for the upcoming project and I was put with one of the finest faculty and my cusine was Mediterranean .


When I came across this I was wondering how would it be what would I do I was quite puzzled , I stared doing my research work what cuisne what are their style preference and so on .
I came across morroco being a Mediterranean country I went indepth study of the place and searched a few images on their interior style . I seemed to be sorted for the 1st lecture .


I discussed all the plans and concept designing style with my faculty . he was impressed by the research I had done an seemed to really like the way I was directed for execution. I had done a great job 😉 “


As you can see extremely confident and proud about the project he did was a Rachna Sansad passout Karan Ruprell.
H2Designo was extremely glad to have met this young designer and would like to wish him all the very Best for his future.


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