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Well if you are a Mumbaikar, Koyla is home for you be it located in Colaba or Andheri but incase you do not live here let me tell you Koyla is one place you must visit if you ever come to Mumbai. Koyla is anyways one chain of restaurants which is extremely famous for its ambience; food, hookah and other things quite obviously. We at H2Designo give our take on the interiors of the newly opened Koyla in Andheri (Yari Road). Koyla(Colaba) is Mumbai’s first rooftop restaurant spread over 19000 square feet and is overlooking the ocean.
When we visited the newly opened Koylas the first thing that came to our mind was Oh Yes they have done it again!! Done what again? They have lived up to their image of amazing interior decor, something we simply call Wow!!


The entrance is a rather grand one. It is so inviting, anyone passing by would always say I want to visit this place one day. It makes you wonder if the outside is so amazing what would the inside be like. The first glimpse at the entrance immediately takes you back in time of royalty. The fire torch gives you that traditional feel, used so aptly just as an accessory. The zali work along with the black granite is so Arabic yet classy. Koyla offers you an environment which will help you create a distinctive dining experience while exploring the traditional northwestern cuisine at its best. They also offer variety of flavoured Sheeshas to make your experience even more authentic.

dining area

The dining area at a glimpse gives an Arabic Style feel. The typical Conopial Arches with design on it give you an immediate palace feel. The hanging lights placed right above the table are the typical Arabic Lantern style lights. We have always loved the simplicity and grandeur of these lights. They have made sure that they do not overdo design and make the space extremely heavy on interiors. We love the fact that the seating is kept simple to maintain the comfort and functionality of design. The chairs look lovely with the perfect red and the apt cut-work designing. The zali partitions after each table have been placed keeping the space quite airy and not claustrophobic. It maintains a kind of privacy for the diners.


Koyla has rather always been termed a Shamiana themed restaurant. They are rightly famous for their rooftop seating. It is undoubtedly a cute Romantic date spot. Talking of the design, amazingly done shamianas!! For those who do not know, a Shamiana is an Indian ceremonial cloth awning. It is mainly used for outdoors and weddings and dates back to Mughal Eras. The four corners are supported by poles and the external walls are removable. The white on the shamiana is adding a sense of tranquility to the space. The curtain style covering creates a very stylish yet pleasing look. We love how the lighting is done through Floor lamps and not the typical lighting. This creates a rather dimmer feel correctly creating that outdoor environment. Wonder why the water body lies there? Well it looks beautiful especially that little high table seating created like a seating on the island. You could have a great time there with a group of friends. The technical reason for having that little water body in this area is to maintain the levels of temperature. Since the place also serves Hookah, despite of being in the outdoors the temperature could get rather warm and humid. The water body placed there rightly will maintain the levels of temperature and keep the place rather cool and hydrated. The accent lighting on the water body rather creates a dramatic feel and reminds you that you must not fall into the water.

waiting area
We have always loved Koyla and have been the regulars at the Colaba outlet. There is no question of even mentioning that apart from the great interiors the service is a 10 on 10. The food is a pure delight and it is the best way to meet the long lost friends over the hookah puff. This place is as good maybe better and has made is more loyal customers of this chain of restaurants. Koyla is home indeed!!!

Image Courtesy Google & Zomato

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