Kresha Baldia-Office Project

meeting room for 4

Kresha Baldia shared her corporate project with us. The concept for this project was Blue Rush. When we asked her why she chose this topic she explained that he office was that of a Bank, it was thus necessary to make sure the office was Formal yet not too boring. Blue Rush is inspired by the colour blue. The Bank Décor had to be simple yet interesting. Shades of Blue have been used in floorings, ceilings, walls, furniture pieces etc. Blue is one color that can be used in the bright as well as dark format, these aspects have been considered while rightly choosing the shades. To compliment the color blue shades of blues, greys and blacks have been used. White is the best color to make blue look even more interesting.


The requirements of the office were workstation zone, cabins for the higher hierarchy staff, MD’s Cabin, pantry, cafeteria, meeting room for 6, meeting room for 4, conference room, server and electrical room, compactor store room and a waiting zone. The flooring taken are Carpet tiles in shades of blue quite bearing in mind the Blue Rush concept. The chairs used in the workstation zone have been kept blue and the work desk kept white so that blue is not too flassy in the eye.

small elevation

As seen above in the elevation shades of blue have been used on the walls and through the furniture. Grey and white have been used smartly to compliment the blue and to have an overall subtle look. Brickwork has been used in places to give a simple yet appealing look.


The conference room has been kept formal by simply using the blue chairs and a stripped wallpaper all around. Since outsiders are more likely to use this area it has been kept rather crisp and simple. The meeting room for 4 has some brickwork on it along with a glass but some motivating quotes on it since it is more likely to be used by the employees within the firm itself.


The concept sheet above shows the pictures used to draw inspiration. The blue accessories are an interesting aspect of the concept. Compilation of all the inspirations and days of hardwork thoroughly complete Blue Rush.

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