Marvel Themed Interiors


This unique project is designed by House Design, which is a Taiwan based interior design firm. The owner of the apartment wished to have a space where he could come back from work and relax and unwind. It looks rather industrial, bearing in mind the Marvel Themed Apartment which would require a blend of all the Marvel Superheroes in a subtle yet impactful manner. Such themes take you back to your own imaginative world. It is all the details a superhero would require. It was a 90 square meters apartments but careful and smart arrangements make it look spacious and grand.

Marvel Themed Apartment

The luxurious leather chesterfield sofa along with the banging center table and off-beat carpet quite reminds you of the Tony Stark personality. A marvel in itself.

marvel bedroom

The simple wood cabinetry is a stylish way of showing the expensive wardrobe. The spotlighting along with the checkered side table gives the room a perfect cinematic jazz.

marvel kitchen

The designer has taken inspiration from an airplane for the dining area. The metal countertop with a single wheel reflecting the travel theme in full swing. Cool tones are certainly the theme for this space but the pop of colours in the comic style and the light fixture help break the monotony without making it look cartoonish.

marvel details

A glowing hulk fist punches through the wall giving it the correct shoutout to the hulk superhero. He is our personal favourite hence, a fancy for the fist. The leather chair is a focus in itself hence requiring all the spotlight.


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