Mere Ghar Wali Diwali

While browsing through various Diwali Home Decor Ideas came across this a blog called A Cauldron Full of Love  and really liked the ideas it shared to make this actually a “Mere Ghar Wali Diwali.”


The Diwali home decor ideas of the bloggers home have given every corner of the house such a festive look. It is simple, elegant and yet makes a statement. So we share these ideas with you to make each of your home corners festive. 

diwali decor

Deepam ladies with a lovely peacock lamp, and the Nandi Bull – a sight soaked in Indian traditions inviting everyone for Diwali.

diwali decoration

Marigolds, brass and tiny tea-lights – a combination that can never go wrong.

diwali lights

Lighting play a crucial role in upping the decor quotient of any home during Diwali. From terracotta and brass lamps to mosaic and Warli lanterns to fairy lights, home is decked up in all its glory to welcome the Goddess Lakshmi.

Hope these ideas help you make your home perfectly Diwali ready.

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