Modern Rustic Style Decor

Modern Rustic Interior Design

The term Modern Rustic is an interior design concept that has use of rustic charm and historic installations along with overall modern amenities and modern room designs. Most of the people today would prefer going for a more modern or contemporary look. We personally love the modern feel too but then why do we combine the two?


The key to a modern rustic space is to have modern furniture but the rustic feel through the exposed natural architectural elements. It should be an informal elegance at its best. The following are the features that truly define Modern Rustic:

Raw Wood & Stone

Natural Elements

The true essence of this style is to bring nature inside your home. Raw Wood and Stone are the most important feature of this style. Incase you are looking at renovating an old home, preserve the character and original architectural details.

Raw Wood & Stone

Flaunt that stone wall and go ahead with the wood covering ceiling or the wood planks running across your rooms giving the perfect exposed beam look to your room.

Simple Natural Fabrics

Natural Fabrics

Maintain the natural aspects in the same through the linens, rugs and upholstery. A common choice for this style are simple fabrics without too much print or drama. So keep your furniture neutral and your linens simple to go as natural as you can. You can also use so many rustic items to complement the space. A well designed rustic piece is no less than an asset and you can never go wrong with it.

rustic items

Linen throw pillows, sisal, jute etc are a good option for the natural appeal. Cowhides are most commonly used in this style but you could also opt for the sheepskin to make the room look rather cozy.

Modern Furniture & Amenities

Modern Rustic

The main aim of this style is to combine the warmth & charm of a rustic dwelling along with conveniences, comfort and style of a modern home. So keep all your pieces modern.


Furniture wise, mid-century pieces are so apt for this style along with adorned leather and wood. The real beauty lies in keeping it as modern as possible yet making it look rustic.

Colour Scheme

Colour Scheme

Colours used are quite subdued. Brightly coloured and wallpapered walls just do not belong in a modern rustic style. To live up to this style keep your walls white, tones of grey, blues etc or cover them in natural materials like wood or stones.



A well done up room is quite incomplete without the correct accessorization of the space. Make your room look more appealing by adorning it with the right overhead decor. This will definitely add more awe and beauty to the space. Go rustic and find your old-school pieces and make a complete Modern Rustic Style Decor.

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