Modern Wedding Decor


Modern is an extremely contextual word depending on what seems modern to you. Modern means something relating to present times. Minimalistic, elegant yet grand are the current modern trends and who would not want to get married in that manner. The advantage of this style of wedding is that it allows you to play with several colours and helps you make your day even more special. Be it it subtle peaches, whites, silver or your favourite rani pink or orange, modern style can live up to it all.


Lets begin with the kind of entrance you desire. the drapes flowing rather seem so inviting you feel like knowing whats next on the card. The floor lanterns along with the most apt greens out there not so overdone create the perfect dull-lit mood. The large vases which lead you by seem create the perfect vibe, subtle yet impactful. It is the perfect example of modern simplicity and elegance.


Some people love to create the perfect picture backdrop. Well if you are creating minimalistic decor otherwise a little jazzy backdrop would do no harm. The key to that well done backdrop is to create the decoration that blends well. The accessories used also should compliment the look rather than seem odd or out of place. Flowers have anyways never done it wrong so pick up the apt decorations and plunge into a grand backdrop.

grand everything

Well! Well! How about a everything grand look. As seen in the above pictures the wedding decorations done create that modern feel so precisely. Not an inch of space has been left without decorations but it is yet kept so modern. The lighting creates a purple light which sets the mood just right. White also if done in a correct manner can do so much justice to the wedding decorations. The lamps hung on those trees are nothing but a cute and convincing piece of accessory, adding the much needed glamour to the wedding decorations.


If you miss on the counterpieces or the table decorations, you are giving a miss to some important details. These compliment the overall decor so well. If you have worked really hard on the entire decor and miss these little things, you are doing some serious errors. So make sure you give time to these little things too. Your wedding is the most special day of your life so take all the time you need and choose from the various themes and styles.

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