Monsoon Decor


Monsoon is the season when you try and spend most of your time at home enjoying the beautiful lazy climate with a hot cup of coffeeee……
Isn’t it ?
So this time let’s keep your home equipped and decorated to keep you warm and dry.
Why not clean the balconies and pamper yourself with few lovely door mats, delicate hangings etc. and most importantly waterproofing.
During the monsoon you should try and make minimal changes to your home interior to add some warmth & brightness to the space. Like just by changing your walls paints and adding some décor accessories can give you a completely different look.


Monsoon Decor allows to play with bright colours like shades of yellows and oranges to make your rooms lively. You should avoid using dark and a dull colour as the weather outside is already dull. Bright colours will double the light into your room.


Proper lighting can make a whole lot of difference in the dark weather. Change the white lights to yellow because yellow brings a warmer look. Add some bright lamp shades and chandelier to get some more brightness in this dark weather.
Also try and use translucent and bright coloured curtains for the natural light to flow in.


Bring a little flare in your bedrooms by using the bed linens in bright colours harmonized with warm accessories to make a comfortable space.


Make your homes more fresh and lively by adding some greenery indoor. You can have small decorative plants like pothos, spider plant, English ivy, peae lilly etc. You can also use artificial plants.


So go ahead and make the most of the time your spending at home. Minimal changes in the already existing interiors like adding a few bright colours, adding that extra green to your home, using soft linens, uber cozy beds and sofas which never want to make you move out and using appropriate lighting can do wonders to set you into the perfect monsoon mood.

monsoon moodboard

Also not to forget you can also change your crockery so that you love what you munch upon while watching your favourite sitcom. Inshort set the mood which never wants you to let the Monsoons end.
So are you already Monsoon ready??



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