Give Your Home Decor The Monsoon Look

monsoon decor

Monsoon has already set its foot in most of the parts of the country. Yeah!, a bad news for the rain haters. What so ever, hate it or love it, you ought to get ready for it and make a few changes in your home so that you can make this beautiful season even more enjoyable and keep away from the mess it can create.

First thing you would like to do for your monsoon decor is to put up inexpensive floor mats all around the house to soak away the mud and water. Secondly, wrap up your expensive carpets to protect them from dampness, you might replace them with bamboo or jute mats.

bamboo or jute mat flooring

Place a huge basket near your entrance where all the wet umbrellas and raincoats could be disposed off. You might even want to wrap up those artifacts and paintings under plastic cover that might get damaged from the moisture.

monsoon basket

Well, you are all done with the protection part. Now let’s make this season a bit more colorful, bring out those bright colored pillow covers which are easy to wash and dry and give you home the monsoon decor touch.

vibrant color pillows

Do not use any dark colors around the house, go ahead with yellows, oranges, blues and greens, it will make your house lively.

vibrant colors

Put out those heavy curtains and put up those light, translucent floral drapes that will lighten up the interiors and promote cross ventilation.

floral curtains

Correct shade and amount of lightening in this dark season can lighten up your mood. Switch from white to yellow and switching on the lamp shades might add to the ambience. Bring in those plants which might get damaged from excess water and freshen up your interiors. All in all, avoid the dark shades of greys and blacks and let those vibrant colors flow throughout your lovely house.

plants in your home

It’s time to light those scented candles, put up a pair of chairs near the window and sip through a hot cup of coffee and let in that cool breeze.

monsoon coffee

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