Most Innovative Dental Clinic Interiors You Have Ever Seen

Dr. Tanushree’s Multispeciality Dental Care at Marine Drive is a completely different experience, from the best equipments to the perfect ambience.

Dental Clinic Interior Design

I walked into this clinic dazed to see the interiors, it looked anything but a dental clinic. Something that really caught my eye was the chandelier.

As i walked ahead the passage way design, the detailing in which she has chosen her door handles and showpieces really made me feel the hard work that went into making all this come together.

Looking at the clinic my fear of visiting a dentist vanished. I was actually tempted to do a treatment here. Though I went there for my husband’s check up the blogger in me couldn’t stop asking questions about how such an idea for a clinic and I got keen to know her journey and thought process.

Dr. Tanushree has successfully completed her M.D.S in Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics [ Specialization in Root-Canals]. She was the first dentist in her family but her vision was wider than just a clinic. That is why she thought of differentiating her clinic from the general stereotypical dental setup, which generally scares and makes patients nervous.

After immense research both nationally and internationally she provided her vision of her clinic to her Architects Viral Shah and Dhaval Shah. They were 2 young and budding architects who co-operated with her incessant inputs and request and gave life to this beautiful dream.

The initial set up of the clinic was very challenging including choosing the state of art technology as she wanted the best for her patients and din’t know where to start.

She used friends and family for trial and error in order to select the best equipments and dental chairs. Doing so gave her live and immediate feedback on usage of the machines and clarity of selection for the same.

The services provided by her and her specialized trained team are:
Insert Services: Dental implants, single missing tooth, several missing teeth, all missing teeth, same day teeth, sinus lift, implant aftercare, cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening, tooth coloured filling, veneers, onlays & crowns, composite bonding, smile makeover, problems we solve, general dentistry, missing teeth, broken teeth, crooked smile, discoloured teeth, denture care, root canal treatment, orthodontics, invisalign, ceramic fixed brace and metal fixed brace.
We dedicatedly after intense R&D selected high technology Dental equipments, keeping in mind the patient – comfort and patient – oriented results.
The equipments include:
• Painless injection machine
• Dental chairs with memory foam
• Dental operating microscope, which boasts of high magnification thereby assisting the doctor in better analysis and diagnosis.
• OPG machines, which provides high definition and swift x-rays of full jaws.
• Ultrasonic cleaner and Autoclave machine for keeping the standards of hygiene extremely high.

Her clinic’s motto is patient – oriented with razor focus on patient-comfort and a wide focus on the best treatment available for the patient after weighing all the possible options. She has even won the FAMDENT award for Excellence in Dentistry.

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