Mother Of Pearl (MOP)

mother of pearl

Today we are going to talk about one of our favourite materials “Mother of Pearl” (MOP).
One of the most loved by all semi-precious stone, available in wide range of colours and shades. Like these other natural stones, it has irregularities which makes each piece unique and different from the other. It’s a strong & durable material, except for that fact that it can take scratches.


Most of us know about this amazing natural product which can be materialized in several ways in interiors. We use MOP inlays in furniture, flooring, paneling, accessories etc. You can create a lot out of this natural soothing material by just using it in a right way. We interior designers like to explore & work with new distinctive materials and MOP is just one of them we would love to play with.

pedestal basin

Horchow mother of pearl garden seat.

These delicate pieces of MOP in shades of white and tan give a mosaic look to this hexagonal side table. This elegant piece of furniture could surprise you by doing a good job for your living room. Not to forget it is not a very economical material but trust us you won’t regret paying a good price for this Masterpiece.


Grey herringbone MOP tiles

Have ever seen a more gorgeous set of tiles ?
These handcrafted pearl tiles with different shades are providing a very dramatic art deco look to this bathroom. MOP definitely works well as backsplashes for bathrooms, kitchens, some soothing shades for the bedrooms and lot more.


Not everyone is quite fond of Classical designs, but this piece makes me believe that there is no reason to dislike a simply classy classical look. A metal carved mirror frame with MOP inlay. You can surely use this one in your modern space to give a fashionable modish look.


Mother of Pearl Bone Inlay side board

Feel like you maybe belong to the Mughal Era! Bingo!
Place it in your living room to make sure everyone gets a glimpse of this extraordinary piece. A Superlike by H2Designo.


How about a MOP wash basin itself? Trust me you never want to leave your bathroom after this.
There could be no reason to simply not want a MOP piece in your home, not to forget an over-use or a bad design would surely kill the vibe of this beauty.


Image Courtesy Google & Pinterest

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