Music Room Ideas

Music Room Ideas

If you are one of the music lovers who loves to not just listen to all the music but play those instruments as a hobby or a career then you surely aspire of your own music room or music studio somewhere deep within. Well you can always convert any given space into your own music room. It isn’t merely about putting all your instruments together.


Creating your own room needs a lot of thought process involved not forgetting the functionality aspect as well as the aesthetic appeal which does play a key role in the designing of this space.


You definitely do not want to play and create your notes in a rather boring looking or uncomfortable space. We thus give you ideas on how to design your very own music room.


Choose from the various styles of traditional ones, eclectic, modern, contemporary, rustic, industrial, fusion and many more but make sure it reflects your style and creates that Statement at a glance. These spaces should clearly be a mixture of Talent, Fun and Professionalism.

Contemporary style

In case you are someone who is more involved in the technical of the music then a contemporary setup is a good option. Its calm and helps you concentrate on the more important things. Simple yet classy and so organized. White can be combined with various colours so if you do not wish to stick to “all white”, you can your choice of colour to it either through the furniture or on the walls. Do it your way indeed.

bohemian style

We love how Bohemian style is enhancing the feel of the music. The decor creates the most perfect mood to play those sitar strings. Laid-back yet so much in a single design. The picture on the right gives the feel of so much expanse. It has not been over-stuffed and everything seems to be spaced out well. Not all of us have that much space for a music room, hence, make sure whatever style you choose to stick to, the place should not be stuffy. Let there be space for you and your music to flow.


So if you are the Old-School Rock Music kinds you will love the feel of the above image. The wooden planks on the wall, the oak wooden flooring along with the Chesterfield Sofa make the most perfect Rock Music Room. Not only does it have space for your music but can also add your living room to it. Combine all you love and Play On!!

Image Courtesy Google & Pinterest

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