Nature Inspired Bedroom Designs

nature inspired moodboard

So many of us love the feel of Nature and keep hoping of visiting some place that is rich in natural beauty and biodiversity. Why not bring home a piece of the Nature we always aspire. We at H2Designo guide you on those nature inspired bedrooms designs for your homes. So even if your family is not so awed by Nature, you can have your bit in your very own bedroom and we show you how.

Let There Be Light in your Bedroom

naturally lit bedroom

The cheapest, easiest and prettiest element of nature is the natural light indeed. Natural lighting can bring life to almost any space and your bedroom is no exception. Natural light can have an effect throughout your living interiors and can bring in an aura no other element can. So use all your windows well and do not curtain it up with bulky materials.

Natural flooring and furniture:

natural home elements

Wooden flooring is the most natural form of flooring that you can opt for. It oozes warmth and richness in every sense. When speaking of nature, wood best defines it. It is available in variety of finishes, species and applications, revealing all its gorgeous imperfections in knots and grains. Wooden furniture is also one of the most popular and durable products, if you do not wish to opt for an all wooden flooring.

Brick Walls as Backdrops or Focal Points

brick wall

Exposed brick works or uniformly done brick work creates a crisp look. It can enhance any texture, colour or room altogether. It is simple to do but has a lasting effect due to its uniformity. Clean, sharp, yet giving cut-throat competition to the rest of the d├ęcor.

The Earthy Artifacts

earthy artifacts

Wish to go natural with your artifacts!? Simply hang a twisty, tangly branch on your wall and yu will be surprised to see the resemblance it creates. Use ceramic vases and flower them up. Use the unusual wood finished artifacts. You could also create an entire wall dedicated to your love for natural elements and see what an amazing gallery you actually end up making.

Natural Motifs through Wallpapers

natural motif wallpaper

Neutral does not necessarily mean dull. You can create a visual interest through textured wallpaper. Select a picture you are fond of and think you can handle on a daily basis and put it up on that wall. This wallpaper will definitely be the star of your room.

Natural Hues and Fabrics

natural hues

Use pastels, whites, beiges and many other soft colours to give you a soothing feeling just like a nature driven space would give you. Keeping it minimalistic yet classy is always the best way to do it right.

Leaves, Flowers and Twigs

leaves & twigs

This goes without saying that to bring home nature bring your favourite flowers over. But do this the rather unusual way. Gather an assortment of vases of different sizes, stuff large leaves in them of various textures and elements. Add colour through a few flowers here and there or maybe just keep it all Green. Add a few twigs here and there or pick up something unusual from that garden near you. This is the best way of natural display with some modern twist.

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  1. Tracey Spendley

    I live in a flat in the town centre but need to relax after a very strenuous days work..the nature wallpaper woukd be an escapism to a place where I would be at peace and would love to wake up to each morning to calm me

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