Perfect Bar Unit For Your Homes

We at H2Designo today teach you on how to set up a home bar unit. They key to the success is to make it look festive and appetizing. It should be inviting and multipurpose because it is going to be the center of attraction whenever you host all of your parties.

STEP 1 – Choose The Right Pieces

Choose the right Pieces

Make sure you choose the right materials and a mixture of materials can do such wonders like brass, ceramics etc. This helps to create a rich and curated look for your bar unit, trying to create something you have collected over the years.

STEP 2 – Start With Large Items

Start with large items

Bring in the bigger pieces that are both decorative and functional. Maybe you could start with your large bowl to hold the ice and the sodas. You could also include adding your glassware maybe as a decorative display leaving most of the site behind the bar quite invisible. Keep thefrequently used and beautiful pieces upfront.

STEP 3 – Get Creative

get creative

Use the beautiful trays to give heights to different things. Use the trays for the decorative pieces as well as for the smaller plates and glasses. It makes the space look rather complete and fancy. You can also use the spaces below the trays for nick nacks.

STEP 4 – Bring The Greens

add the greens

Balance is an important aspect of every space. The best kind of balance can be created in any space by adding the much needed greens. Either add the small pots or large greens as per your design.

STEP 5 – Add The Small & Functional Décor


Make sure all the bartender accessories are extremely cute. They create a statement. Also remember if everything is big nothing will be important hence add the small desired items to create the perfect importance.

STEP 6 – Make It User-Friendly

user friendly

While designing the space do not forget the flow of the guests and other people. Everything should be pretty seamless. Seamlessness creates the best impact where everything flows with so much ease. Keep available doubles of items frequently needed like the napkins.

STEP 7 – Get Creative With Drinks

creative with drinks

The different drinks add interesting colors to the sparkle of all the bar accessories. Go creative with the drinks and add as much variety as you can. Use the fancy glasses and do not hesitate to add the various flavours.


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