Perfect Lounge Chair Designs For Your Home

grey lounge chair

A LOUNGE area not only offers a plush seating but also offers plenty of room for good friends and memorable conversations. What we look for in a lounge chair is looks and of course comfort. A chair that’s not comfortable isn’t really a chair, it’s just something to display in your house, and hence the lounger should look good and be comfortable. Here are some plush looking loungers that we love with great homely comfort level.

brown lounge chair

This brown chair can be placed just about anywhere , just about with any colour to make the space look rather defined.

Unusual Lounge Chair

This Black beauty looks quite beastly. It has an elegance of its own and is a masterpiece in itself. Think your space looks alit less fancy, consider adding this chair!

Fur Lounge Chair

Fun Fur, looking sheepish yet stylish. Imagine adding glamour to your room without requiring too much of space. This chair is going to be the major attraction point for all your guests.

Egg Lounger

Interesting with a twist. This design had our eyes twirling, its unusuality is what makes it better.

Eames lounge chair

This chair is the perfect example of Luxury with Comfort. An instance glance at makes you want to just sink into that chair. The black leather with the wooden framing makes it a desirable piece of furniture.

Black & White Chair

The monochromatic bliss fits perfectly with not just a rustic or industrial look but can also be used in a coloured room in case you wish to neutralize the feel of the room. It can add just the perfect drama to tone down or light up any space.

outdoor lounger

This chair makes us feel like we have managed to bring the outdoors in. It is a winter feel chair making you cozy and warm in all aspects. The subtlety of the colour is what makes it a perfect chair.

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