Pop Of Colour In Your Homes

pop of colour

Today at H2Designo we show you 5 top ways in which you can add that pop in your home. These tips will help you transform different spaces in your home from subdued and dull to bright and fresh. Adding the colourful pillows to your couch or investing in a new rug are great ideas to add pops of colour to your décor, but sometimes a bigger project can work to totally transform your space. A sort of major redesigning.
So without much ado here are 5 ways to add a Pop Of Colour to your home.



You can add pops of colour to your cabinets either in the bathroom or the kitchen. A wide range of colourful cabinets are available. Choose your favourite kind and put it on. This will add the fun and bright factor you wish but will keep it under control.


colors in details

The details if concentrated upon can do such wonders in transforming the décor. Make sure if you are accessorizing against or on the wall the objects or art pieces are contrasting to the wall colour. This will create the much required glamour. Add a fun pop of colour to your shelves by painting the brackets a bright colour you love. If done correctly the will surely create a statement.


colored shelf

Give the white shelf a major facelift by painting the back of the shelves a vibrant colour. It could be the perfect focal point for your room and you surely will not need any more colour in the room. This is a rather simple way of adding colour because you are not making many major changes in the interiors. You can also rather keep the shelves white and use color for the accessories. This will also allow you to easily change the décor on a regular basis.



People often think that redoing their backsplash is a huge undertaking that involves tiling, grouting and a planned out design but you can make this easier by simply using a easy to fit laminate. Set the perfect lighting and everytime you enter your kitchen you will be proud of adding that tinch of colour. Incase time permits you nothing works better than the colorful mosaic or some other bright paneling.



Add new life to your décor by using the Ombre Therapy. Change the old desk into a lively piece of furniture by adding shades of your favourite colour to it. Use the same theraphy for a side table in your living room. Again the only kind of colour needed in a rather contemporary and dull room. Play around with the colour, it is no shame.


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