Rakeshh Jeswaani Interior Architects (RJIA)

Having got an opportunity to associate with Rakeshh Jeswaani Interior Architects (RJIA), H2Designo shares with you some of the extravagant masterpieces designed by this firm. Firstly we begin by talking about Rakeshh Jeswaani who is the founder of Rakeshh Jeswaani Interior Architects (RJIA), having 23 years of experience in the industry.


Rakeshh Jeswaani’s personal style is a take from the timeless yet embracing the broad and free spirited and includes everything from iconic pieces, international furniture to contemporary art. He is as comfortable in contemporary interior designing as he would be in creating architectural facades or choosing upholstery for a sofa. A master in all aspects indeed.

Indore Residence

The above is a picture of the Luxurious Indore Villa designed by the firm. The Lobby Area has a custom designed Tekdi work mirror console along with the clear shining flooring and the solid teakwood ceiling quite making the space look simple yet attractive. The Powder Room on the right has a handmade marble basin along with a metal framed mirror adding the perfect kind of glamour quotient the space needed.

Indore Villa - RJIA

The Dining Area of this luxurious villa has a 10 seater dining table with Mother Of Pearl Inlay surrounded by Italian chairs. The crystal chandelier adds the grandeur to the space. The Bar Area is highlighted with the black chairs along with the metal artwork which opens up the bar. Quite multipurpose we say.

Rakeshh Jeswaani Interior Architects (RJIA) is a Mumbai based interior design firm which specializes in residential interior design. Their design philosophy is to create elegant and timeless interiors that suit the specific lifestyle of their client. They believe in designing a space whose imprint will last forever. Afterall design is all about the little details which help making a house, your Home.

Chic & Urban

The above is a Chic Urban Apartment in Mumbai which is done up in muted shades of beige and brown with carefully selected pieces sourced from around the world. It is an epitome of how a city home can be youthful and timeless at the same time. The living room, overlooking the expansive sea is done in muted shades of beige quite bringing in the feeling of warmth, comfort and luxury at the same time.

Master Bedroom

The Master bedroom manages to create a calm yet imposing look. the headboard is done in open grain solid wood with the blue wing chair adding the needed subtle colour to the space.

Sea Facing Mumbai Apartment

The Bar Area has bronze mirror contrasted with open grained solid wood. The glass Moroccan lights quite break the monotony of the space. In the Bathroom soothing taupe marble is fixed in random strips on the wall to create some interest. the pattern is maintained on the ceiling and cabinets to create harmony.


The Timeless Penthouse in Mumbai is plush space with sweeping views of the sea has luxury written all over it. Imported furniture juxtaposed with handcrafted pieces, carefully selected art, statement lights and an elegant colour and material library gives the home a very opulent yet polished look

Penthouse In Mumbai The Bedroom has a stunning backdrop made of zericote veneer panels and leather padded headboard, creating a luxurious boudoir.

Designs by RJIA

The Bathroom has bevelled glass panels on either sides to allow the natural light to make it to the dressing area. The Powder Room has an onyx basin which acts as a focal point of the space. The silver leaf panel hides the duct door. It is quite not always about a Beautiful Design but true beauty also lies in a Smart Design.

Bedroom + Living Room

The leather and fabric headboard along with pebbled crystal wall lights created an understated extravagance. The Living Room is done with dull gold wallpaper, grey sofas and a central table comprising of 3 discs. The expanse of the space is felt at an instance.

Inside Out, Nov 2014

Rakeshh Jeswaani Interior Architects (RJIA) offer complete interior designing services which range from high end residential homes to commercial and retail spaces. Every project is unique in its way because Rakeshh Jeswaani does not like being limited or defined by a particular style and his design style is intuitive and changes with every project.

Inside Out Magazine

Besides being featured in magazines like Inside Outside and Home Review, RJIA was recently featured in the Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts’ Club 2016 yearbook. Rakeshh Jeswaani is the only Indian designer to be featured in this book which is a tribute to the world’s finest designers and brands.

To view more of Rakeshh Jeswaani’s Portfolio : www.rjia.in

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