In Conversation With Reshma Chhabria Founder of HIIH


H2Designo got an opportunity to explore some amazing design artifacts of HIIH launched by Reshma Chhabria, a Tokyo-based interior designer. Here is a glance at here journey and her wonderfully designed products.

1. Tell us something about yourself?
Practiced Interior Design for 14 years, 5 under the guidance of Arch Shaukat Mukhi and a brief stint at Urban Studio ( Arch Pronit Nath ) before starting out on my own. I have always wanted to start an Interior accessories line which brought designs by Interior Designs & architects made by skilled artisans to the discerning clientele.

2. How did you get interested in Product Design?
The urge for freedom to design the smaller details of the bigger picture.

balti with stand1

3. Which was the first breakthrough for your career? What led to launching of HIIH?
I have wanted to start it for years, but the move to Tokyo just pushed the dream to reality.

4. What creative process do you usually follow? What inspires your designs?
Inspirations can be found in Everyday sights & experiences. For the process Sketch, clay model anything that helps give a clear shape to the ideas.

pastel dining set

Pastel Dining Set

5. Do you believe that a Good Design is Good Business, or is your creativity your only driving force?
The acronym “ form follows function “ was something all of us at design school learn. That has always stuck and been followed by us. So yes although creativity is a strong driving force, it needs to be a good design.

6. What are you currently working on?
Having just lauched our second collection, enjoying the fruit of it while absorbing inspirations for the next.

sugar & spice

7. Which is that one outstanding Design of yours, that makes you proud even today?

My first Project which I handled one my own from design to execution will always have a special place. I still remember every shelf size of that space!

drape time piecs

8. What is your plan of action for the next few years?
Bring in more creative minds into play and as many artisans on board as possible.  Take HIIH to possibly every design central city in the world.

hot chic


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