Rustic Decor: Nature Redefined!

rustic decor

As we all know, history repeats itself, such was a time when people admired for plastered wall in spite of those bare wooden walls and when we have achieved it all in these concrete jungles, people are running back to even manage to have a little touch of nature. All thanks to the Rustic Decor, bare wooden plank flooring, organic forms and figures, natural textures and natural warmth is all what it is about. It is becoming more and more popular with the hearts of these concrete covered cities. It becomes irresistible due to its deep sense of connection with the past.

The furniture is mainly crafted out of wood, stone, bamboo, paper, glass, clay, metal and other materials that can provide a rusty natural look. The Rustic Style incorporates wooden beams and columns along with a unfinished hardwood or stone flooring.

modern rustic kitchen

You can put up furniture directly derived from the nature, for example, a stool made of branches of tree without even its bark removed.

rustic interiors

Moreover when it comes to awaken a sense of warmth, what else can work better than a traditional touch of colors: forest green, ocean blue, faded khaki and the list goes on. Nothing can convey the rusty look of an unpolished heavy metal with a rusty hammered finish.

rustic style bedroom decor

The simplicity of a rustic look can be complimented a hand woven rug over the stone flooring or a handmade quilt over a bed.

Rustic bedroom ideas

Moreover, we can make the use of those so called useless things we have thrown in the corner of the garage. Those crates can be converted to a beautiful floating shelf and that empty barrel to a beautiful seat. And those rusted tyres? Well, switch on your creative side and get going.

Rustic interior

Nothing can be compared to the natural warmth provided by the Rustic elements of interior design & nothing beats the combination of nature and modern technology.

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