Scandinavian Style Decor

The term Scandinavian evolved in 1950’s to describe design concept that came from Scandinavian countries Denmark, Norway, Sweden & Finland.
It is a design concept known for its simplicity, minimalism and functionality. Scandinavian homes have a pure style which revolves around clean lines, flawless craftsmanship, perfect functionality and elegance.


Things To Work On To Make Your Home Completely Scandinavian
prints• FLOORING
Having light coloured wooden flooring throughout the home (except bathrooms) is perfectly Scandinavian. Wall to wall carpets or heavy tiling is never Scandinavian.

Blue is a Scandinavian favourite. Cool greys, white walls and washes also add an appeal to the look. Nowadays people are using a lot of Pop colours too inorder to make compliment the dark and dull Scandinavian shades.

Wood, wood and wood is perfectly Scandinavian. Rustic feel without looking too worn-out is will also create a mesmerizing look .




Nothing but clean lines is the pure Scandinavian architecture. Curves and unevenness is a put-off for this style.

Why just Scandinavian, no style is appreciable if it cannot abide by the functionality of that space or fails to make the space comfortably livable.





Scandinavian style decor strongly focuses upon stark black & white aesthetics. Basically gradations of white over grey tones to black. They provide the same neutral monochromatic appeal.


Their prominent color is Blue, a bright blue that stands out fabulously against the black & white combination and with a little woody touch. Soft rugs and use of little wood textures bring warmth to the space in contrast with sharp graphics.


Usually colours are influence by the natural materials to ensure that the warmth is retained, boosted by few primary colours like red, blue, yellow and green.


Decorations are distributed mainly into applying geometric, & other organic motifs as well as these typical stripes, chevron and checkered patterns.
Accessorizing in the scandinavian style decor mainly consists of strong graphic and black and white typography as show in the image below.


Image Courtesy Google & Pinterest

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