Shelves That Will Add Beauty To Your Homes

shelf display

Any collection that you love deserves a pride of place in your homes. Whether you collect birdcages, sculptures, clocks etc, shelving it up only beautifies and highlights all of it. All the different sizes, shapes and colours compliment each other and grouping a collection together gives the perfect emphasis. So what are you waiting for!? Gather up your treasures around the house and mass it all up for some stunning shelf display. We thus guide you today on some Shelving Ideas.

Put Your Passion On Display

passion on display

Your home should look like you. If you are confused about what to put at display on those shelves, go for something you love. Incase you are passionate about something and have collecting it for awhile, now is the time to shelf it up. You can also stack up your everyday life mementos on that shelf like your Kids artwork, books, crockery, photo frames. Your vacation mementos and pictures from the vacation, make you feel so good in the everyday routine and take you back into good times.

Go Big & Bold

go big and bold

Too many tiny things will only add dust to your shelf and look much like clutter. So go for the bolder and bigger accessories that will completely stand out and create a focal point. Go for vases, substantial pottery and large art books. Collect anything that strikes your fancy, as long as it can be seen from across the room. Small items can be given more visual presence by collecting them all in a container or a jar.

Be Odd & Forget Symmetry

be odd forget symmetry

Go for asymmetrical arrangements of three, five or seven objects, setting them off-center to add an element of surprise, instead of matching a set of mirroring objects. Odd numbers are always interesting. Aim for balance instead of symmetry. Balance makes asymmetrical objects also look complete.

Change The Heights

change the heights

Varying the shelf heights tend to break the monotony of the shelf pattern. It also enables you to decide which of your item requires the direct eye focus and which does not. It will help your space look less boring after a point of time.

Create Layers On The Shelf

create layers

Layering on the shelf helps you store so much more, especially when you are looking at stacking crockery in the kitchen or otherwise. You can also create a pretty backdrop using fancier plates and trays and then stack the other usual crockery in the front so that it is easy to access. After you have placed the largest and tallest items as anchors, layer the smaller shorter objects in the front. This will also invite viewers to linger there for awhile, discovering the decorative items in layers.

Make It Functional

make it functional

Make sure that your shelf does not become a everyday battle for you with respective to cleaning and accessibility. Your shelves should be functional and not a new hindrance for you. Make sure it merges with the rest of the interiors and looks like a part of the entire space.

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