Shyla Chabria-Steam Punk


Shyla chabria, a cute, sane headed and extremely bubbly entrepreneur cum interior designer. This girl in college always had the most unexpected and OUT OF THE BOX concepts. We at H2Designo are too proud to be able to display her hand drafted beauties.
Becoming a designer was always on her mind since childhood. Unlike all of us she never first thought of being a doctor or teacher, for her it was always Interior Designing.
Despite all the odds she stands today successfully a Business Management Studies graduate and a even more successful Rachna Sansad passout. Her work very loudly speaks of her Steam Punk concept. The exposed brickwork in red gives a very rough finish and the chandelier gives it the rather finished look. This contrasting scheme has been worked upon extremely well. Color has been added extremely well to each and every room in a rather wise manner, not overdoing the color but yet making sure that the space does not look dead or dull without many colors.


When we asked her about the thought process involved in this project she said,”This was a bungalow which would be visited by the family in weekends and vacations.So I thought it would be great if these breaks were enjoyed with a completely different experience through the interiors of the place. And so I chose Steam Punk as the concept for the family holiday bungalow.


It is actually difficult to explain steampunk as a word or even a concept,but I think it would help if I say that it’s sort of Victorian- industrial design with the use of a lot of wood, old machine parts of the Victorian Era made from different metals creating a very industrial and modern look but in a Subtle way since it’s a bungalow. As seen in the plans of the two-stored bungalow the red wooden flooring has been used to make sure that the color does not die out of the entire concept. In order to neutralize the look black and its shades has been used for flooring in the other places.”


The picture above is about the various materials used to make sure that Steam Punk looks at its very best.


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